Lost in time in Vietnam

I like science fiction and I love time travel. For this too, I am blessed to be in Hanoi.

Wherever you’re wandering, there will be this akward moment where you feel lost. In time.

Wondering for a split second if you are still in the 21rst century; or just a time traveler tourist of the future who just landed a few decades ago?


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And then a little detail will remind you in which century you really are:



9 thoughts on “Lost in time in Vietnam

    1. True ! I sometimes change the colors of the pics and turn them into sepia. If there were no motorbike racing in the background, I could easily believe I have landed in the 19th century … How are you dear? X

  1. Love the photos! Any tips for Hanoi? We are going there this fall, and we don´t have a lot of time seeing (2 days), so If you have any must do attractions it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. Yes ! Check my post on visiting Hanoi with the Hanoi kids. I did it many times and they are awesome 🙂 but try to book in advance and follow up. They are getting pretty busy.
      Food wise: check Duong 2 in the old quarter and especially order the Vietnamese pancake ….
      Best vege experience: uudam chai
      And you need to try the famous egg coffee in the old quarter!

      Will you be there on WE?

    1. Indeed ! And this is part of the beauty of traveling isnt it? To make you change perspectives and see home from a far broader angle .. Are you living in Hanoi ?

      1. Yes, assuming nothing goes wrong with my VISA renew this coming weekend. I’m something of a worry wort so I always imagine things going wrong (and they usually don’t, of course).

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