My Delicious new prop for the Kids Yoga

Try to read this without mouth watering:

Cédric Grolet is known for his striking trompe l’oeil creations. What looks like a fig or lemon is actually an impossibly thin shell of lacquered white chocolate, which cracks open to reveal layers of fluffy ganache and spiced fruit”.

This is how it all started.


I had never paid much attention to the pastries we are very occasionally buying. As long as it doesn’t look too sweet and it has French proportions (less is more!).

The Zumbo Effect

Then we met with Zumbo and his amateurs’ patissiers on Netflix: It was the first time I realized the passion but most over the technic of the cakes makers. We had no idea of the time it took to make a beautiful dessert. The patience, the attention, the balance of flavors, the creativity and of course the presentation skills.

Soon the kids would play “Zumbo and Rachel”, pretending to be palate experts by paying a religious attention to every bite of the tart they were sharing and occasionally nodding at each other. After a couple of bites, they would take their most snobbish looks to pass sentence: ” the crust should be 4 mm, and it is a bit too white. But the cream is airy and light, the flavors are well balanced, and for this I give you a 6” (they are pretty tough clients!).

Mindfulness in action ?

Taking the time to taste, savoring each flavor, focusing on your sense of taste?..

Again my favorite little yoginis were to inspire another Yoga theme. They were over the moon to discover the new props in the Kids Yoga class.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 08.29.59

We started with a short breathing meditation and the kids were allowed to have a quick look at the cake. Then they were blindfolded to turn into proper food experts.

They could have a teaspoon of each layer. First they would use their sense of smell, then their sense of taste.

Is the spoonful sweet? saour? bitter? Does it bring a feeling? a Memory?

I was spicing up the game by adding a little element of surprise in one of the spoon. A tiny pinch of salt, a grain, a little bit of chocolate ..

The kids were religiously drinking water after each bite.

Only after we were done with all the layers, they could taste a spoon of the whole cake. “It’s an explosion of flavors!” screamed Mr. Attila Jr in a dramatic Zumbo way 🙂

We are becoming little gourmets. The kids loved the game so much that we play it as often as possible. Trying new kind of food is much more fun when we take it as “a new way to develop our expert palate”. They are eventually much more encline to cook and eventually paying attention to all the different kind of  food we can create – that not only looks good but also taste delicious …

Bon Appetit !



2 thoughts on “My Delicious new prop for the Kids Yoga

  1. What a wonderful idea and way to incorporate the senses into yoga for kids. Talk about motivation! If only we could get all classes to do this for adults.

    I can just imagine your kids being “judges” of the variety of pastries and scoring them. Am sure you guys must enjoy Top Chef as well as much as we do. As well as Chefs Table, another interesting one.

    Lovely post. Welcome back.


    1. Thanks 💖 we didn’t know Chefs Table, will definitely look for it ! We watched « kindness diaries » first episode with the kids . Not sure how real this series is but I love the idea. The kids liked it but they will definitely be more excited when we ll watched chefs table 😉

      And yes, a beautiful dessert would definitely be a remarquable additional pro in our adults classes . Will start advocating at Zenith next Monday … Have a beautiful week end 💖

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