Best remedy for empaths – delivered by the Dalai Lama

If you tend to be hyper empath like me, and have a hard time listening to the news without feeling depressed, there is no better fix than the words of the Dalai Lama:

Empathy is simply experiencing another’s emotion. Compassion is a more empowered state where we want what is best for the other person.

If we see a person who is being crushed by a rock, the goal is not to get under the rock and feel what they are feeling. It is to help to remove the rock“.


Those words touch me so much that they have become part of our family intentions. They totally changed my way of apprehending the news. As much as possible, I try to rewire my brain to take the “Dalai Lama’s way” and ask myself:  What can I do to help?

There is always a way. Even a word or a smile is an action, and can make a difference. Picking up a trash that’s not ours in the street will not solve the global warming dramatic issues, but it will certainly move this huge rock a little bit in the right direction.

Easier say than done .. During our last holidays, we did a lot of beach cleaning and truth is, the task at hand was demoralizing. But the moment we swiched our brain to “moving the rock”, we felt empowered. Soon enough, the enthousiam of my kids dragged many other tourists into our trash hunting. My son was so proud of “offering a clean space for all the fishes and their friends“. We were all doing something positive instead of being a passive complainers. Even the staff of the hotel eventually joined us (the French side of me had doubts about their initial motivation, but what matters is that they were part of the team, eventually!).

In my next yoga classes, I’ll prompt my students to think about a rock they could help removing. What will yours be?



10 thoughts on “Best remedy for empaths – delivered by the Dalai Lama

    1. Thanks for the link! What a comprehensive post !
      The plastic ban is gently starting in our side of town. No straw, no bags. It’s a very expat hipster thing for now but it’s expanding 🤞🏻

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 it really works both ways though, they are so into plastic banning that we’d better take our own bags when we go shopping – or we get a real fuss at the cashier if we have to ask for a plastic bag !

  1. I love this post Estelea, very moving and so happy to hear the children were so proud of what they had achieved. Proud moment for you too I’m sure! We are trying to reduce our plastic waste too and my son finds new ways of telling me how/why I should recycle. 🙂

    1. How sweet of him ❤ this generation is already so aware of how to protect the environment. They are already the ones teaching us aren't they ? 😉

  2. Great post. I have had the amazing pleasure of meeting the dali lama twice in my life. Once as a baby my parents took me to see him (he laughed at my bald head and said I already looked like a monk. Then fed me a grape) and again when I was a teenager about 18. I dont know how but he recognized me. He told me I looked less like a monk now and asked if I still enjoyed grapes. (I do) I will always be grateful for his kindness and wisdom.

    1. Oh what a blessing ! I met him in a conference in Delhi years ago and I too was amazed by his genuine kindness and his sense of humor too. I remember he had such a strong presence ! But a meeting like yours must be so impressive 🙂 so I guess you didn’t turn into a monk ? 😉 but still like grapes ?

      1. No, lol definitely not a monk. I do work at a hindu temple though. And it was the dali lama that inspired me to learn not just about the buddha but about all the major religions. Not exactly a monk, but more a religious philosopher. Of course it helped that my father was Buddhist, my mother was Quaker and my sister married a Baptist pastor lol.

      2. Oh I love that ! I believe the more we are exposed to many religions, the more we can get its true meaning. Take it from a Jewish /Buddhist married to a Protestant who used to live in Muslim, catholic and now Buddhist countries 😉

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