Farewell Supermamijo !

“One generation plants the trees, the next gets the shade”.


Thanks Mamyjo, my beloved grandma, for your inspiring life! You led your family like a boss, working non stop so your children, grand children and grand grand children can have the best education and be as strong and ambitious as you’ve always been.

Thanks for planting the seeds of love, pride and strength in my Dad’s and his siblings hearts. So we can inherit them ! You truly were the backbone of the clan.

You hardly knew how to write in French yet all your kids, grand kids and grandchildren have studied in the best universities. All over the world.

Your stamina runs in our DNA. We know it’s our duty to keep it alive and strong even more now that you left our planet.

We love you. We admire you. Always 💖


Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 22.59.53
So long MamyJo ! We are celebrating your life ❤

2 thoughts on “Farewell Supermamijo !

  1. Oh, so sorry to hear your loss. But what a wonderful woman your grandmother seems to have been! She looks full of life, good humor, and intelligence – all of which she has passed down to you and I’m sure to the rest of her family!

    1. Thanks dear 🙂 she was very special indeed ! We are all sharing our funny memories of her, there’s a bit of nostalgia for the past but we know she would be mad if we had been sad too long. « There are more interesting and fulfilling ways to spend time, go go go! »

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