In the meanwhile in Hanoi …

How I feel each time I get the email that work is yet again postponed !

We are all waiting for the Government to announce whether the schools will remain closed for a week or more. So far it’s all being manageable because the pollution was not too dramatic. I could take the kids for a bike ride 1h a day with the masks, in between homeworks.

The British School has been sending great quality homework for the my Year 3 and Year 4 children. Yet, I don’t know who suggested that the children should have  homework in Physical Education and dance (I guess all the teachers have to justify their salaries?). Seriously, who would want to practice jumping and running when the pollution is so high?

The city is again swallowed by the monstruous grey and orange clouds. Forget the bikes, we are stuck at home, air cleaners full blast. At least we have the option of moving out for a little while. Most of the Korean mums have moved back home with their kids, as well as Singaporian.

I am considering a move with the kids for the next week: Not too far as I don’t want to deal with European winters and jetlags again, not too close as we don’t want to take the risk to be stuck in a neighboring country suddenly “blacklisted” by the Vietnamese authorities.. Maybe Tokyo? I so wished we were near NYC or San Francisco !

Where would you go for a week? Where the kids can get moving and breath properly? Isnt it insane to even ask the question? What a compelling time we are living in !





11 thoughts on “In the meanwhile in Hanoi …

  1. Estelea, come to Hoi An! The air is fresh, the beach is great, and it’s in country and a short flight. And then we would get to meet you all!! Interestingly now Ben goes to Pholippines every six weeks for his work (and I’m working at the International school here.)

    Things are pretty much life as normal here other than schools are closed and less tourists…

    Be so fun to meet, if you do decide to!

  2. Now you and Peta are making me feel even sadder about not being in Vietnam right now! This is exactly when I would have been with Peta and Ben in Hoi An, and look! … I could have seen you both together if you take her up on her idea! 🙂

    But seriously, I am appalled by the bad air in Hanoi! I’m so sorry for you and your kids (I have to say I am not sorry to miss this bad-air part of our time in Hanoi). Can you go back to Cebu and see old friends? I hope you can get away somewhere; I’ll be curious to see if you go to Hoi An or somewhere else. Good luck, and stay healthy!

    1. Thanks so much 💖 quite tempted by Ho Anh now .. if so I ll check everything to make sure it’s perfect for your visit 😉

  3. Hi there
    We are in Hua hin in Thailand. Pollution may not be perfect but does not stop us running or playing tennis. This week we are in the international pickle ball competition. Lots to do lovely food.
    We are flying into Vietnam on March 2 so we are reading your blogs with a little nervous trepidation.
    I hope the weather clears by then.
    Ps I enjoy your blogs keep up,the good work

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂 I remember well Hua Hin, we used to spend weeks ends there sometimes when we lived in Bangkok !such a nice place !

      Yes I hope the weather will be better soon. Early this week was pretty nice actually and we could bicycle. But today was a terrible record, and topped with the closure of the school, it’s hard for the kids who have to stay indoors again. When it reaches this level they are not allowed to even have recess outside at school.

      Beside the pollution, Hanoi is great ! We love it here and may you have any question please feel free to ask 🙂

  4. Hi Estelea Firstly can you change your record on me as I am not really using this email address any more. I check it monthly in case I have not informed someone such as your good self. My new personal email address is

    We will be flying to Vietnam next Monday, coming into ho chi min, spending 3 days then flying to hue for three days then to Hui for another couple of days and then up to Hanoi. We will still have another 10 days and we will either spend it up north or return to a part we liked more. We are thinking of travelling back down south by train. We are using trip advisor and google as what to do and what to see. The idea is exploratory, We just spent 3 months in thailand and we will next year. We may cut it a bit shorter and spend longer in Vietnam if we find the parts we like. If you can think of any bits to point us at or other guides or just really cool restaurants great food friendly atmosphere stuff it would be wonderfully helpful.  We go travelling every winter for a few months then return to Rottingdean our little village near Brighton, popping into europe for a few visits, One of our favourite ways is taking our electric bikes to France by ferry and cycling off or taking a train and then cycling to some vineyards or cities,so quite adventurous for a no longer young couple and it is always wonderful to receive some first hand gudance. If you are too busy I totally understand I just read your blog whilst planning so I thought I had to ask Kind regards Richard and Trish



    48 Rottingdean Place Falmer Road Brighton BN2 7FS

    Direct   +44(0) 1273 308169 Mobile  +44(0) 7836 6868681 Skype            01273 906611

    1. Thanks for your message Richard ! I ll answer on your private account to make sure you get it on time before you reach Hanoi.
      But you need to update your email on your personal data in your blog too 🙂 Have a lovely day !

  5. Thanks
    that’s great we are really looking forward to coming to Vietnam. We are rather concerned about the C virus and we have our face-masks in hand and we will probably wear them on the plane, in fact on all 3 flights within Vietnam.
    We start in Ho chi minh with Bike tours, the tunnels and a couple of days on the Mekong. We hear the food is wonderful and we will have a cooking course at some point. Is the food the same in the north and the south? are two courses required? We are about to book it up ourselves but don’t think there should be any problems using trip advisor as a guide. We are a little careful now and check out the references as some companies now sell the facility so we read up on the recomender ( is there such a word) as well as the recommended. What a crazy world we are in.
    Look forward to hearing from you

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