Gentle reminder ❤️


Sometimes all we need is a change of perspective 💜 From today midnight, Hanoi will be locked down for at least 2 weeks.

We too will be staying home “for the love of the Nation“. We are allowed to get out  but only with 1 91220165_10157936899671138_9043455375788998656_nperson. Social distancing is 2 meters. The poster says we need to “report coughing to the health authorities. Report fake news to the police. Report running away from quarantine to social media!

Vietnam has a deep sense of community and collective responsibility, so different from Switzerland and the Nordic countries. Being from Latin country, I find it reassuring to know that the State is taking its responsibilities and is very involved in the containment of the virus. There is no time for a debate on individual rights and freedoms right now. We are into this together.

Be safe, stay healthy 



8 thoughts on “Gentle reminder ❤️

    1. Thanks ❤ Sweet pic I agree, and it gives a well needed change of perspective. I found in on the net without captions, wish I could look for the work of this artist ..

  1. Yes Viet Nam is on top of things and citizens follow the law. Now here we are in Mexico and finally they declared a state of health emergency but still only suggesting that people at risk stay at home. No enforced rules! Hope you and the family are doing well… say hi to the kids!

    Peta & Ben

    1. They don’t even have enforced rules in Switzerland! I have a hard time understanding this policy now … The good point is that there is no construction site anymore and we see Hanoi in such a different light. What a beautiful place we are living in when there is no more pollution and we can hear the birds all day!

      Take good care of you! The kids say Hi and looking forward to their 2 days off school starting tonight (so am I !)

    1. I hope so too ! Are they living far from you? Yes we feel safer here than back home, so used to wearing the mask. Never expected that pollution would have its ups . We have been under a heavy pressure to stay home, it’s now official. The only new thing on the list is that we can’t go out the 4 of us at the same time for a walk. But I totally understand the rules and would definitely not take a chance of being reported for such a stupid behavior .. Stay safe you all 🙂

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