To my kids’ teachers on this special day

Today was the most awaited ceremony of the year in my children school: the Principal Awards ceremony. This special event usually gathers hundreds of well dressed students, parents, teachers, grand parents, brothers and sisters.

But this year the Principal was alone.

No crowd to cheer up, no loud clasps to congratulate each awarded student. The ceremony was live on YouTube. Yet it was fantastic, the emotion was palpable. Before distributing the awards, the school played amazing clips of elementary, primary and secondary students sharing a bit of their homework from their confined office in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, even New Zealand.

The 3mn heartwarming clip made me realize how resilient we all have been over the last 11 weeks!

We have learnt so much as parents, and the teachers have developed impressive e-teaching skills. I can’t imagine what it takes for the them to teach from their home, alone, not only to their usual crowd of kids but also to their parents hidden in the background. Even if they don’t see our faces at the Google Meets, we are listening ! Trust me, we are you most focused students ever !

It takes a village indeed. So from the bottom of my heart, thanks to the awesome teachers out there (special thanks to my son’s teacher!) who have teamed so well with us. We have learnt to set clear routines, work with clear objectives yet being flexible and patient.

Teachers have been super kind and encouraging while delivering high quality teaching ! This pic is chosen by my son. But I guess we all can sign it  💖

End of the Year Teacher Gifts


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