Lockdown is over in Hanoi ! A note to my fellow Frenchies


To celebrate our 11th week of e-learning, the Government announced that the lockdown was finally over in Hanoi.

We are beyond thankful to the Government for his management of Covid19.

Our expat family has always feel safer in Vietnam than back home, because we knew there would be no discussion of the Government decisions.

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Collective interest always primes over the individual.

People are not discussing the closing of schools or businesses for months. They are not sneaking out to meet up with their friends because it’s too boring to stay in (only foreigners would dare).

They comply with the authorities, totally.

Most Vietnamese live with their extended family and are aware of their protection duties. Denouncing is not a bad word here. You are encouraged to denounce people you see violating the rules (not wearing mask, wandering out for non essential business ..). It’s totally accepted because it is seen as a way to protect the society. Not a privation of your basic rights.

We do have masks in Vietnam, they come in all shapes, forms and color. This is because Hanoi is one of the most polluted town in the world, so everybody is used to wearing masks, adults and kids alike. There are days when it is so polluted that kids are not allowed to go outside. So you know that too.

Eventually, we hear so much about Europe being so unprepared. Lets just remember that Asia has experienced SRAS a few years ago.

Vietnam has been living by example and again, we are very grateful for the chance to live here in those challenging times. But please French revolutionary peeps, ask yourself if you would have played by the rules.


9 thoughts on “Lockdown is over in Hanoi ! A note to my fellow Frenchies

  1. Yes Vietnam did a great job of moving fast and efficiently and they managed to keep the numbers down. Here in Mexico it’s very relaxed and Corona is only just starting. Hopefully the numbers will stay low.. but way too soon to tell. Hi to the kids…


  2. Comngrats. We have a lot to learn from Asia. Sense of duty, responsibility. Don’t argue all the time. Just do it… etc. Personellement je compte les jours, les mois, où je pourrais revenir en Asie.
    Content que le virus ait été bien géré… En France les robinets sont grands ouverts…
    (Même pas capables de mettres des jours de vacances obligatoires sur les 8 semaines dont disposent les Français…) La dette va exploser. Tes enfants et tes petits-enfants la payeront ad vitam aeternam…
    (Sorry for ranting, but our dear compatriots annoy me sometimes…) 😎
    Biz et bonne semaine.

    1. Oui les Viet ont assuré, et c est sûr que la problématique des congés payés n entre pas en ligne de compte ici… tout est encore très calme et les familles locales ne sont pas pressées d envoyer leur progéniture à l’école. Tout va prendre du temps, mais le collectif est tellement fort que c est rassurant.
      Comment ça va chez toi ? Portez vous tous bien, bises!

  3. Yay and glad to hear you made it for 11 weeks! We are going into week 5 and this will probably be turning into another two months of this plus maybe more. I look forward to seeing what else you’ve had to say. After a few years I’m back at blogging. Have a great day!

    1. Welcome back to blogging 🙂 I have been out of the bloggosphere for a while too, but now for some reasons, feels like a good time to be back 😉
      Keep safe and healthy !

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