Deconfined in Hanoi : back to school !

And finally the day came: for the first time of the year, the kids are finally waiting for the bus to take them to school!

The bus monitor is wearing a mask as well, like all the other kids and the driver, and she religiously washes my children hands. Set for the day !


Of course I am having mixed feelings, but they are so thrilled to see their friends again that I am chosing excitement too 🙂 

The new school rules are very strict : mask must be worn at all times even in the classroom. Social distancing almost to the centimeter. Lunch is in the classroom. No more relaxing on the bean bags, no more holding hands in the corridors. No more sharing pens and toys. But as my 7 year old son explains on our way back home “we are responsible you know. It’s a time when we all need to be responsible“.

There’s a “feeling box” in every class for the kids to share anonymously their current feelings. Stressed? Overwhelmed by the news ? Sad not to travel back home this summer ?… the teacher is making time to talk about any concern the kids may have. My year 4 daughter had a full briefing about fake news and rumors. The students are active leaders, they have a role to play in and outside the school. As my daughter told me after her first day at school “it’s important to wear a mask, we must all wear it as a sign of respect for the community.  It shows we care for each others”.

Those are hopefully exceptional times. If we all behave like that.

The new generation is an example of resilience and we must all comply. The more responsible we all are, the sooner we can have a chance to be back to the good old times 🙏🏻 Stay healthy 💖


6 thoughts on “Deconfined in Hanoi : back to school !

    1. Je viens de voir ton message, desolee! compte tenu du contexte, on va dire que tout va au top: on est en bonne sante, dans un pays en paix et sans violence – pas visible en tous cas, et pas decodable pour des expats lambda comme nous.
      On hesitait a rentrer a Noel mais on a du abandonner l idee. On pourrait sortir mais pas rentrer, et rien que l idee d etre bloquee en France en mode e-learning intensif me donne des palpitations ..
      Donc patience et longueur de temps..
      On quitte en principe le VN en fin d annee scolaire et toujours pas de visibilite pour la suite des aventures, mais retour au point A. On est tous en bonne sante …

      Et toi, comment ca va? Bises!

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