2 thoughts on “How I found my career path thanks to COVID (in French)

  1. Wow – I knew you had started teaching more yoga, but I still didn’t know the extent of it. I had no idea that you’d planned to seek work in your old career area either; this one seems to bring you a lot of psychic joy, so I’m glad Covid gave you a little nudge in that direction. And now … another change coming. Let me be self-centered and say, first, that I want to cry that you won’t be there long enough for me to see you in Vietnam; we were SO close last February! :((( Last, I’m sorry (and surprised) to hear your husband will have to regroup; I would think that his job would have become even more critical in these uncertain times. Sending lots of good vibes for a satisfying resolution in July!

    1. Thanks for this super sweet message ❤ you are such a gem! Yes life takes us to places those days.. at least virtually 😉 We are both applying and I was so excited to get my first real job interview this week. Can you believe that the last one I had was some ..12 years ago! The big question is where do we want to go? Asia is now the safest place on earth .. One thing at a time, and yoga has been such a precious friend in those times of total uncertainties .. I am off to catch up with your blog ❤ Big Hug and I am sure we ll finally cross path in a really cool city ! Take good care my friend

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