The (radical) 3 ingredient diet we all need those days!

How are you feeling those days? Do you have the freedom to wander in town in eat in restaurants or not just yet? Are you in a homeschooling mode, with no idea of what next month will look like? How are you coping with the current situation?

In those times of uncertainty, I have realised that I need discipline and routine to make me feel secure. I have it with the homeschooling, with my morning yoga practice, and we are still eating 3 times a day (ahemm… minimum!).

Yet it is not enough. Do you also feel the stress building up just by mindlessly scrolling through social media or by rushing to answer any message?

Then it’s about time to enroll into this real efficient diet – that doesn’t cut off chocolate nor a good glass of red wine!

1.Cutting the fat in our relationships

This is the most important part of my diet: keeping negative people at bay. My Mum hates when I say that, but trust me it works!

Why bother arguing, explaining, justifying or always been the one to cheer up? Do you like the way you feel after spending time with energy draining people?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t cut off all the complainers, we have all been there and will be there again – and being French I know it’s very healthy to complain from time to time.

I cut off the everlasting ones. It’s one thing is a person owns up to their behavior and makes an effort to change. But if a person ignores your boundaries and disregards your feelings, why allowing her in your private space?

As A. Einstein said :”Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution“. Do you need this kind of energy in your life now? Then cut off!

You’ll be surprised to see that you are actually making more space for positive people to join your sparkly circle .

2.Count the calories of what you are listening and watching to

I used to be a news junky to feel abreast of the covid situation in France, to be connected to my family in Paris. It turned totally conter productive. We are living in Hanoi and the depressing French news just managed to raise my anxiety level. So I stopped.

If there is a great Covid news, it will find its way to me even if I am not plugged to France Info.

I want news from my family and friends, I text or I call. We exchange pictures, Daddy’s jokes, anything light and fun!

We have a new Netflix diet too. No drama allowed, only the good vibes and Captain Kirk and Spock. We somehow feel safer on the starship Enterprise those days than in the streets of the Earth.

I used to be a fan of Star Treck some decades ago. Watching it all over again with the kids is much better as we get to understand some deeper meanings. My preteens were laughing so hard at the first episodes (the special effects are very old indeed), but they are totally into the stories now. We can stay locked in for a while, there are dozens and dozens of episodes .. all ending on a happy note.

It’s a common sense diet: Remove what’s too heavy to digest and you’ll feel much more lighter!

3. Select the kind of cookies you eat before bed

Max Strom is a great yoga and breathing teacher. He recommends: “before going to bed tonight, the last hour before sleep, instead of looking at your phone or computer, I invite you to read.

Read material that makes you proud to be a human being and gives you hope for the future. If these are the last thoughts that go through your head in the evening it will change how you sleep. And changing how you sleep will change how you wake up in the morning and how you feel when you wake up. Just try it and see for yourself“.

I have been doing it for a month and the results are amazing. If you can hardly remember the last time you had a real resting night and woke up fresh and motivated, you must try this reading diet. I recommend it with all my heart!

Your diet is not only what you eat. Be mindful of all the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Stay happy, safe and healthy ❤️


..about Max Strom on his website Breathe to Heal. I also really enjoyed his book “A life worth breathing”

..about inspiring books? Reading Time and Again by Jack Finney for traveling back in time in New York, the Kim Thuy ‘s 3 novels because they are pure literary jewels, and they embody resilience and beauty and Living the Sutras for a bit of yoga wisdom and self reflection.

.. about deepening your yoga practice ?. There are tons of sites but if you miss the community practice, you’ll enjoy booking a a seminar at Triyoga, London. It feels like going back to a public classroom, and there is more than active practice. They have a great selection of lectures and the workshops are they are really worth the investments. It’s my way of treating me for a movie evening 😉 2 of my favorite yoga teachers, Tias Little and Annie Carpenter have a workshop scheduled in the upcoming weeks..

.. about good series ? Besides Startrek, try Lupin and for the cheesy version of Paris you must watch Emily in Paris. It’s obviously all on Netflix 😉


11 thoughts on “The (radical) 3 ingredient diet we all need those days!

  1. I love all the content in this Post., especially filtering negative vibes, people and every single toxicity that surrounds us. With me, I just feel terrible when I watch news fromPh, its depressing, and the problems seems to be caused more by human behaviour rather than simple struggle.
    I am not afraid anymore to cut off people, not because I don´t like them but because it doesn´t do good to my sanity as well.
    In the end, what matters is how we take care of ourselves for us to take care of others as well.

    You´ve done a great job!

    1. Thanks gwapa! You are one of my kind indeed 😉 I used to feel guilty for cutting the bad branches but not anymore. It’s such a sanity saver.
      For the Phils I totally understand your feeling, being expat too. I was very shocked when we left Cebu to hear all the terrible comments about how people must be suffering under the new president. Press loves to fear and play with our basic fears, it’s how they make their business …
      I love the conclusion of your comment, you are so right! Compassion begins with ourselves, so we can share with others.
      Take good care dear friend and hope we ll finally manage to cross path here or there XXX

      1. You too. I´,ll be following you wherever you are in the Globe through your writings.I wish I could have you as my Yoga teacher :´-)) You are definitely one Expat Mama!
        Take Care!

  2. I do my best with the first two elements, but the last one is a lifelong habit, and I assure you it does mean good sleep! I can’t remember a single night since I learned to read that I have not ended my day with a book – almost always fiction – to send me off to a nice sleep. Now … if I could just stop eating the real kind of cookies, I’d be good!

    1. What a great ritual, this pre-sleeping reading. We have started it with the kids during Covid, all on the parents’ bed, tons of cushions all over, best way to unwind. Then we finish the last pages in our own bed 😉 I am trying to make it a habit for them too, now that I am totally convinced of its benefits.
      Cookies wise, remember that when you eat with closed eyes, the calories disappear. Magical !

  3. Agreed. Send all negative, toxic people into exile. Just can’t stand them any more. And don’t waste time arguing.
    French news: c’est l’horreur. J’avais arrêté de les lire. J’ai repris l’année dernière à cause du virus, mais je vais tout envoyer bouler… Hallucinant.
    Enfin, Star Trek! Ouaaaiiiissss! C’est la seule série que je peux encore voir. Le reste est illisible. Et les revoir maintenant? Une cure de jouvence. (Avec tous les ordinateurs en contreplaqué…)
    Biz. A +

    1. J’avais repris les news francaises pour les memes raisons, et envoye tout bouler aussi! Quand tu lis le Monde sur internet, c est a te convaincre a tout jamais de ne jamais payer pour l abonnement !

      On est devenus de vrais fans de Star Trek, c’est plein de petites pepites philosophiques cette serie. Et puis c’est quoi un petit confinement a cote de 5 ans sur l’Entreprise avec la meme garde robe et meme pas internet, hein ?
      Quoi que .. pas internet, avec une petite equipe sympa, c’est une chouette option finalement! A tout bientot, portez vous tous bien X

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