Spring, finally !!! (with a little present for you)

Do you feel the energy of Spring ? The light and the warmth inviting us to leave the cave we’ve have been hibernating in all those weeks?

Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? The vaccines are finally coming, the season of hugs is about to start !!! I love the (selected) headlines those days, vaccinated people gathering, public spaces slowly opening…

During the confinement, I offered Yoga classes on Zoom to my family and friends in Europe. It was my way to be of service, so we could all see each other and feel good – without talking virus. Now that we are entering Spring, I feel like if we practice together, we can spread this uplifting energy like Nutella on a fresh slice of bread. So I am offering you this (all level) class for free class, as long as you bring your sense of curiosity and your smile.

Spring in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The 60 mn class will be based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

Spring is the season to renew, create and grow: it’s all about creating again, crafting a vision and let our imagination and our willpower guide us.
It is connected to the Wood element. Wood is the energy of youth and growth: a new beginning, a vision of a whole new cycle. The Wood energy of spring is an expression of life at its strongest. Think Bamboo: strong yet flexible!

(Hanoi time zone)

We’ll work more specifically with our liver and our gall bladder meridians.

The liver function is called the Official of Strategic Planning, the grand architect for our vision of the future; this official sees the directions we must take to live our lives in harmony with nature. Its companion, the Gall Bladder Official, gives the ability to make decisions and judge wisely. Making a decision is not a matter of choosing between equal alternatives. Through these officials we can see both new possibilities and the wisdom of the past, and thus see the clear and appropriate course to take.

Spring does not last forever. Use its bountiful energy wisely, so that the crops you sow – in yourself, in your work, and in your life – are those you wish to harvest.

See you here or there ☀️

More about Traditional Chinese Medicine here

More about Yin Yoga with the best teacher, Bernie Clark, right there.

More about the class, just reach out to me 🙂


11 thoughts on “Spring, finally !!! (with a little present for you)

  1. I like that…Liver , the Official of strategic planning and Gall Bladder Official.Seems like they are busy buddies working both on positive sides. I have a virtual 10km run scheduled on the 21st though 😦 probably next time?
    Cheers to Nutella mornings!

  2. Salut. Ta mère va bien? L’Ile de France semble au bord de l’implosion et les vaccinations patinent pas mal… 👿 (Je ne sais pas pourquoi mon Mac m’a proposé cet Emoji. J’ai le sentiment que toutes mes conversations sont écoutées…) 🤣
    Biz. A +

    1. Coucou le Mexique ! Oui merci elle va bien 🙂 elle profite de la foret alentour et on envoie des masques de compet .. Son medecin lui propose enfin le vaccin dans 2 semaines.. et nous on l attend ici peut etre pour juin. On est dans une bulle a Hanoi, des qu il y a quelques cas on ferme tout. On est habitues, et ce n est pas moi qui fait faire ma francaise et commencer a me plaindre, loin de la ..
      Ca va chez toi ? X

      1. Tu as tout-á-fait raison. le Vietnam me paraît un excellent exemple de quand on veut on peut. Même ici au Mexique, “Tiers-monde”, la vaccination des 60+ est bien engagée. Ma femme et moi avons reçu notre première dose hier.
        Donc 2 semaines pour ta mère c’est bien. Et comme ça elle pourra aller vous voir en Juin. Super. les Attilas vont être ravis. Biz

      2. En fait on est supposes quitter le Vietnam fin juin 😬 Fin de contrat pour Marcel, deja 4 ans !

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