Feeling Helpless? help someome!

This is the first time and hopefully the last that a war is raging at our borders.

I have first turned into a news junky, reading everything and being stucked the Ukraine feed. It didnt help with the stress and the sadness I have felt in being a useless bystander; So I decided to compartimentalize, to select the news I would read and dedicate only 2 h a day. I also “snoozed for 30 days” so many people..

This helped in getting calmer and more in charge of my feelings. But what really helped what lending a helping hand, to feel I could have a tiny impact for the wellbeing of the Ukainian. So I booked a week stay in a Youth Hostel in Kyiv with no intention to stay but just to help with some cash.

AirBnB IS waiving their fees and hosts are getting their money right away. I sent the money with a note, and here is the message I received yesterday. There are plenty of rooms, starting a few dollars a night. It makes a difference ❤️


7 thoughts on “Feeling Helpless? help someome!

    1. Makes us feel so much better to feel we can have a tiny impact, right ?:) THanks for stopping by !

  1. My friends and I have been trying to get on this Airbnb bandwagon and book a place with no intention of staying just to help. It seems that even in the last few days, people have started to take advantage of this idea, suddenly listing places that are impossible to verify are not publicized by bad actors (like people who are not even in Ukraine). How did you verify that the place you booked was legitimate? This was such a great idea, but I have no idea how to be sure I am really helping anyone in Ukraine! (Sad that we have to think this way …)

    1. I know, the scams are everywhere now and I am sad to see how some people are taking advantage of the situation.
      Re: Airbnb there is no 100% guarantee but what I did was to check that the host was verified and checked the messages he had prior to march. Then of course the payment was through Airbnb not via Western Union like so many of the spams I have seen on FB..
      Eventually the capsule rooms are pretty cheap, so I spent 50 bucks ont the whole thing and the host never asked me for more. I have been following the work of the National Red Cross in Ukraine, Polish one too and they are doing an amazing work in helping all those in need and having less high fixed costs than INGOs. Not sure their websites are in English though?..

      1. Thanks – yes, I have been looking for places that were already on the Airbnb site before this crisis and those that had older reviews. You make a good point about the payment mechanism being safer also. I’m going to look again and pick one!

  2. C’est une bonne idée. One feels so helpless. I donated to World central kitchen. They’re doing a fantastic job. Easy to find and donate.
    It seems all I can post is about Ukraine and the war… (My stats are falling fast! haha! people don’t want to hear about war…)
    Mais je n’arrive pas à regarder ailleurs…
    Et toi? Ça va? Bientôt les vacances de Pâques…
    Biz ma grande. (Avec toute l’affection que cela veut dire)

  3. PS. Je suis en train de finir de numériser les films en super 8 de ma mère sur le Kenya, quand j’avais 13-14 ans, et ma soeur 2 ans de moins. Ça m’a fait penser à tes enfants. Courage. On y arrive…

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