I blinked again…

… and became the super proud Mum of a 12 year old!!!

This morning, as I hugged this Princess Happy Birthday, I couldn’t believe she was already taller than me. Not that I am really the model size with my 5.2 ft, but still..

12 years old.. In only 5 years she’ll be excitedly applying to universities abroad, and I can’t yet believe I’ll be encouraging her to pick up the ones in Canada. So far away 😦 The mere thought of it and I can already feel the lump in my throat. As much as I’ve been pretty good at giving my kids the roots they need to feel grounded and supported, I must admit that I am less excited with the wings part…

As I see my daughter turning into a teenager, affirming the qualities of the woman she’s becoming, I can’t help but worrying about the topsy-turvy world she’s growing into. I wish I could drive this bus, decorate it with the most comfy cushions, with Siri always driving us the safest and kindest places.

She is the one who first made me realize the meaning of my heart walking around outside my body. The fact that she is a mini version of me in so many ways can be super frustrating – especially when I expect her sarcastic comments – and they never fail to make me laugh! It makes it hard for me to respond to her tweens behavior like the grown up I am expected to be.

Are we ever becoming the Mum we’d like to be or are we all just pretending ? Do you too feel you are merely getting older but not really more mature?

My Mum’s been warning me about my daughter entering the infamous age of puberty “prepare yourself to talk to rocks because they have similar listening habits” “parents of teenagers know exactly why animals eat their young”. Yet so far, so good. I still remember what my teenagers years and I must secretly admit that I hear her:

Before I get too emotional and loose sight of the purpose of this post: Happiest Birthday Amorcita! You make me proud, you make a better person, and if I don’t drive the bus.. I’ll be a super traveling friend whenever you need one (and even when you don’t know yet you need one :P)

8 thoughts on “I blinked again…

  1. Oh how time flies indeed!!
    Happy Birthday to your little lady.
    I feel you…😅
    My daughter is only 8 and sometimes I think she knows too many things already and have her way of reasoning.
    Let us hope that they grew up to be person and grab their dreams .
    You’re doing a great job !✨💐👍🏻

    1. thanks so much and Amen to the wishes❤️ I sometimes hope I don’t physically change as dramatically as she does ….
      Yep this generation is amazingly mature, I feel so privileged to have grown in a non screen world, especially no Iphone! they are probably much more resilient than us too ..
      How are you all? Big hug !!!

  2. My own amorcita is almost exactly 20 years older (whaaaat?! 32 next week), and I can assure you that all those tween and teen years can be just fine when you have a good relationship with your daughter, which I know you do. Enjoy the ride!

    1. ouf, thanks a lot for the encouragements 🙂 And happy Bday to your Amorcita too!
      (were you even 18 when you got pregnant? can’t believe you have a daughter of 32 !)

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