Day 4: Unfollow people who do not inspire you

Have you ever noticed how some people drain your energy?

You can meet them in the real life, but also on social media in books and movies. Do you notice how your body reacts? this feeling of uncomfort that lingers inside of you until it gets very irritating?

On the other side are the Real Friends. Idealistically you should have the following ones:

The 6 types of Friends

The Supportive one: because we all need unconditional and non-judgemental support at some point of our lives. These types of friends appreciate you for who you are and always have your back.

The friend who never gives up: the one who will always push us beyond our confort zone because he deeply believes in us.

The friend who likes challenges: the hyper one, always up and ready for a new adventure! The one who is so enthusiast that he will manage to enroll you in the climbing class you’ve said you ll never do! Who doesn’t need a daring friend to make us feel thrilled and proud of our achievements?

The older and wiser one: because we all need someone “who’s been there” who can reassure us with the big picture and their super valuable insights.

The opposite friend: the one with a totally different culture and mindset, who will challenge us and make us broaden our perspectives.

The colleague friend: same industry, same values so you can support each others in this area of life.

How to mute the others on Instagram

It’s easy to unfollow people, we all know how to do it. But what I recently discovered the “in between/less radical” version, with the sale effect: I simply mute people who don’t inspire me anymore:

Super easy:

Open the profile, click under Following and you’ll have the options to Mute 🙂 story and/or posts, you choose.

I practice this decluttering a few times a year, in the real life and mostly on social media. So I only keep the ones who make me feel empowered, informed and inspired.

That’s what today’s challenge is all about 🙂 What’s your take?


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