Day 7: No complaining Day

There is almost a contradiction between ” French” and “no complaining”.

We French do complain. All the time. About anything and everything. It’s in our DNA, as striking is a Nation Sport for us.

It’s not a bad thing: Our brain (and yours!) constantly thinks negative thoughts about the future and has a negative bias. The bias and discernment developed in the primal era because it made man more cautious and safer (e.g., not step out onto an open field without looking around first).

Now that we live in a much safer society than our ancestors did, the brain’s negative bias interferes with our happiness. Positive thoughts are just one method of reducing that deficit of positivity in your brain.

Neuroplasticity in action

We are complaining when we are feeling powerless and passive, and it becomes a habit. So in oder to break it, we have to change our reaction to the events. It’s called neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to change with repetition that gives it the capacity to change over time.

Like any new discipline, it takes commitment over time to get good at it. But know that when you think positively, your brain begins to recognize the benefits of thinking in this way (feeling less stressed and more engaged with your surroundings) and actively searches for things to reinforce that pattern.

Shall we start?

Here are some tips for the challenge:

  • instead of complaining about what you don’t have, appreciate what you have
  • instead of complaining about other people, think about something good about them. If you can’t, just focus on someone else 😉
  • Instead of complaining about problems, look for solutions
  • Let go !

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