Day 8: do something kind for someone

Ever heard about the Power of Kindness?

There have been significant studies on this topic that I find fascinating; Treating other people well isn’t just good for your karma.

It’s also a boost for your mental and physical health: It is good for the heart – When someone does something truly kind for you, not only do our emotions take over and physical expressions of happiness form, but also internally, a general sense of warmth develops from the chest giving us a happy sensation. It is also great against anxiety and depression, through the release of serotonin into the body. This in turn can have a huge impact on a person’s self-worth.

Have you ever noticed how you’ve felt when you’ve surprised someone with a present – or even just a smile? When you realize the positive impact of your actions?

We were having diner in a restaurant last month and the Asian couple sitting next to us had a tiny dog. The Chihuahua was sitting on the woman’s lap and it was so well behaved that we first thought it was a toy. My 10 year old discreetly took his notebook and started drawing it and I could tell by his frown that he was super focused. After a few minutes he gave his masterpiece to the couple – a family picture of the dog and his owners. They were so touched, it was really heartwarming. The man even offered to pay for the drawing which we obviously refused but he insisted on treating my son with desert. My son was beyond proud to see how much his work was appreciated 🙂

We need more of those feelings, especially as we are entering the cold months of the year… What can you do today to bring more warmth into yours or someone’s life?

In case you needed some inspiration to get started:


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