Day 13: at the end of the day write down 5 things that went well

There were few yesterday: lunch with my Mum, managed to go through the French homework of my daughter without losing my schmidt (true French doesn’t make sense, true, we strive on exceptions to the rules), new students enrolling to my next Yin workshop, organizing a real family lunch with all of us (parents, cousins, grand parents, brothers, sisters…), and The story of the Bike:

Most of my Gratitude of the day was for the encounter with a man from another planet:

It was raining cats and dog yesterday afternoon.

My bike was parked in the street and I couldn’t wait to finally ride back to our warm apartment.

But the bicycle had another plans.The chain had left the derailleur and it wouldn’t move. The rain was pouring in the tiny desert street and I was soaking wet. I was starring at the chain, hopelessly waiting for an advice.

the chain has derailed, we need to fix it“. This was a human voice, a stylish man in his 40s with a warm smile. “Let me do it, shouldn’t be that hard” he said, dropping his shopping bags to come to my rescue.

I was so relieved for the almost divine assistance – thinking it would only take him a minute to fix it. But it took much longer and it was so embarrassing to see the drenched gentleman ‘s hands getting blacker by the minute. But he wouldn’t give up, and I could just be immensely thankful for the time, the energy and the perseverance.

After 20mn, those were his hands. As I apologized for the sludge, he replied in a big smile “that’s normal, I was happy I could help!

I thanked him about a hundred times and he concluded on an inspiring note “as I spent 20mn on it, you ll have to make 20 other people smile in the upcoming days! “. Challenge warmly accepted 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 13: at the end of the day write down 5 things that went well

    1. It was so heartwarming, and the feeling lasted for the whole evening and even up to now. I couldn’t believe how kind he was and that made me feel pretty special.
      random act of kindness at its best 🙂

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