Day 15: breathe deeply and with intention for 5 mn

A little throwback to our Vietnamese years, when my daughter was joining my yoga practice in the studio too. The Iyengar teacher, Willie, would know exactly how to inspire her, pushing her when she felt she could and respecting the times when my daughter was not in the mood for challenges.

She made lots of progresses, thanks to the special bound she had created with Willie, and this moment is one of my favorite. More than any wheel pose or other asanas requiring lots of flexibility and strength, being able to be in the moment and simply breath mindfully is priceless. This is the essence of yoga, asanas are just the warm up for you to feel comfortable in the meditation.

Willie had concluded this class with a long pranayama sequence – long to kids standards and she was always the only child in the room. Yet Maelle got completely into it, practicing the 4-2-6 breathing technique to slow down and relax her body and mind.

It’s a very simple yet very efficient one: Inhale on the count of 4. Retain the breath for the count of 2. Exhale on 6.

This is the breathing technique I love to practice to calm down before bed or when I feel slightly anxious. It’s as simple as powerful 🙂


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