Day 16: Try a new form of movement

Fondue season is officially open !

It takes special skill to eat fondue: the precise movement of the wrists to make sure the bread is covered in enough cheese and the attention required to not drop your bread in the fondue.

Fondue is a typical French/Swiss winter meal. However, Swiss fondue uses either Gruyere or Emmenthal cheese whereas French fondue uses either French Emmenthal or Comte cheese.

The cheeses might be slightly different, but the recipe is essentially the same – cheese, white wine, some spices and a little flour.

Here’s how to eat your fondue like a Swiss;

  • Don’t eat with the fondue fork. Stick the food, dip it in the cheese, then use your normal fork to pull it off onto your plate.
  • Stir clockwise or in a figure-eight pattern to keep the cheese homogenized until you reach the very bottom
  • Drink only white wine, kirsh, or an herbal tisane with your fondue. Water, juice, or beer will cause the melted cheese to form a giant ball in your stomach. People do often add an extra shot or two of kirsh directly to the pot, particularly as you get towards the bottom.
  •  It’s a tradition that if a man drops his piece of bread in the fondue pot, he must buy a round of drinks. If a woman loses her bread in the pot, she must kiss all her neighbors (we don’t do that in my family)

Give your stomach some hours to digest it all.

Bon Appetit!


11 thoughts on “Day 16: Try a new form of movement

      1. We have a chain fondue restaurant (which is not terrible, but not like in France or Switzerland), or we can make it ourselves. My mother had a fondue pot and so I had it more often when I was a child. Now I’m too lazy, and I just wait until I’m in France and Switzerland!

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