Day 17: reorganize closets (special guest: Marie Kondo!)

Do you think that organized people are just too lazy to go looking for what they want? Or secretly admire them?

I tend to appreciate my little mess, but I am giving a go for today challenge, as I feel it can only do me good – and to the rest of the family too.

So l looked into the Marie Kondo program and I must admit I really like it. It is simple and efficient and very kids friendly too.

The objective is not only to clean but to feel happiness living in that environment: When you change your intention from a boring cleaning to the uplifting creation of a sweet environment, the process becomes more playful and enjoyable. Her method is very simple:

A house that “sparks joy”

She asks herself a brilliantly simple, but fundamental question: “Does this spark joy?“ ⁠

If something DOES spark joy, keep it.
If it DOES NOT (or your reaction is just “ugh” 😒) then it’s out.

It’s important to gather all the items by category, not by room. Bring all the clothes of the house to one room where you’ll start the decluttering process;

Go in order: clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous (komono), sentimental.

Recycle paper and packaging, donate books and second hand items; Fold your clothes like origami.

Take the day off as you should to do it all in one go ! I am starting in 1h, wondering how many hours I will spend on the whole process…


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