Day 20: give 5 compliments today

I can live for 2 months on a good compliment

Mark Twain

Same for me!

Last month as I was walking my son back from school, a young lady looked at me and said “You have such a contagious smile!”.

At first I thought I misheard her so she repeated her compliment and I felt so awkward. My smile grew even bigger when I thanked her and she replied “thank you to you!”. I just loved the feeling and I love replaying it in my head 🙂

I felt so empowered by her sweet compliment. She must have been in her 20s, and I felt it was so sincere and genuine.

I do receive regular compliments from my kids but for some reason they feel slightly more .. interested: When my daughter tells me “Mum you are so awesome” I know she wants to borrow some clothes. Same with my son when he suddenly realizes how bright I am (which is usually a sign he needs some help with his maths).

So I know how good a compliment feels. To me it’s so heartwarming, like when I receive a grateful note from a student. I always keep them. Not to brag about it but to cheer me up when I need some energy or when I doubt. The power of a compliment is incredible. Giving a compliment is like offering a present, it gives me the same feeling of warmth and buzzing to see the recipient reaction.

So for today, how about we start giving compliments to people out of our inner circle ? neighbors, co-workers, teachers and the person who serves you your favorite treat?

Notice how it feels to make people smile. Compliments are like magic powers 😉


5 thoughts on “Day 20: give 5 compliments today

  1. Thank you for sharing your writing smile. Your words are an encouragement, not to do something extraordinary or hard to reach, but something everyone is able to do – smile😁 Oh, how our world one change in one day with a smile or let’s double the outcome – two! Excellent post 😁😁😊😊

    1. oh thanks so much ! so easy to do, so much impact in return, all for free and no side effect 🙂
      Happy Monday to you❤️

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