New Year Resolutions revisited

Yang and Yin

I love resolutions! It’s all about planning, achieving, sweating to finally become the best version of ourselves. It’s firmness, determination, action.

We are reaching out of our comfort zone and it feels great (especially if we manage to achieve one!)

It’s all Yang energy: it’s active, invigorating and exciting.

Yet, we can’t always be Yang. Life itself is a balance between action and reflection, sun and moon, masculine and feminine energies.

Hence the need to balance our New Year Resolutions with a pinch of Yin:

Yin is about acceptance

Yin is about allowing, stillness, enjoying the present moment and doing small everyday tasks as if they were great deeds.

In the excitement of the season how about taking a moment to decide on what you are going to accept, allow and no longer try to change this year? It could be this relationship you’ve been trying to mend for too long, this flaw in your partner or those 4 kg you’ve been trying to get rid of those last years.

Accepting is a choice and it sets us free from expectations and frustrations.

When I did this little exercise, I realized how much freedom acceptance actually brings.It takes off an useless pressure, and we regain precious energy.

This year I chose to accept the French temper, and the strikes as part of the coutumes. I even got a library card, to make sure I have a couple of books in my bag each time I take a train to Paris (in theory it’s only a 45mn journey).

I also decided to accept to stop worrying for people I can not change. After all they it’s only about respecting their choices, even if they totally differ from mine. And saving so much energy I can use elsewhere…

This year is not about changing myself but to live in accordance with my values and how I can be of service. This year I am not becoming a new version of myself. I am just more confident and more focused on what brings me joy. Isn’t it true that by doing what you love you inspire and awake the hearts of others?

How about you? What are you eventually accepting this year?

Wishing you all health, peace, love and laughter for the new year 🙂


9 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions revisited

    1. Coucou !!! oui ca va, les projets avancent, et les enfants sont en vacances pour encore une semaine. C ‘est soi mon attention soit les écrans donc je tiens le bras de fer encore quelques jours et je t’ecris plus longuement dès que l école reprend (en esperant que les greves de la rentrée ne s’éternisent pas …)
      Ca va chez toi? Bises 🙂

      1. des news dans mon dernier post et d autres que je t envoie par email ce matin 🙂 a tout bientot donc , xxx

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