The treasures we found in our new house!

A story about art, perception and love

(c)Andrea Piacquadio

After months and months of house hunting, we finally found The One !

Everybody agrees it’s a great family place, gigantic garden, so much light.. All is perfect until you look up at the ceiling..

too gross!” for the kids

incredibly vulgar” according to our neighbor

a masterpiece, you must keep it! you’ve got a real treasure!” begs our architect friend

The worker chuckle and when asked for their honest opinion they reply “well it tells a lot about the owners tastes. Is the first floor for adults only?

We have started renovating the house, so now is the time to decide what to do with this provoking 13 meter long iron cast ..

At first, rejection

As much as I appreciate the skills of the craftsman, I find his work very daring.

My preteens totally refuse to have his creations in front of their bedroom door for everyone to think their “parents are weirdos”. So I posted the pictures on a French forum about relooking houses, looking for ideas on where to sell it. It created a buzz but not exactly the one I was looking for.

Endless sexist jokes, insults towards the “perverse artist”, encouragements to sell it to a brothel or to melt the iron and make something decent out of it. Only a handful of people (7 out of 500 to be precise) dared to fight the common opinion and encouraged me to keep it, seeing it as a beautiful tribute to the French painter, sculptor, printer and draughtsman Henri Matisse.

Perfect timing: the Musee de l’Orangeraie is hosting a major exhibition about Matisse this month!

The eye opener meeting

This exhibition was my first meeting with Matisse’s art. It was love at first sight: the lightness, the colors, the sensuality. My favorite part was the croquis of the Dance, as I could definitely appreciate our iron cast in a completely different light:

Interesting to see that the 13 pieces of our house are used as a railing, as I guess the owner wanted to reproduce the set up of the Dance at the The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia (in a much more humble fashion of course).

Eventually, the consecration

As I was looking for discussions about Matisse’s pieces on Facebook, I found this amazing page Henri Matisse , French painter & Sculptor . I was so happy to discover that the rail was really inspired by Matisse, I felt like sharing my little discovery with people who (hopefully) wouldn’t throw stones at me this time.

This time the reactions were radically different. I am still totally blown away by all the love it got from all over the world and the kind words Matisse’s fans sent me, praising the tribute to the famous French artist.

The railing has never felt more love, respect and admiration! I am so happy for the artist who made it to finally get the tribute it merits. He created this piece some 40 years ago and was so touched when I sent him this screenshot.

We are considering selling part of it as it doesn’t get the attention it deserves in our family house . Thanks to all the positive comments it got on this Matisse’s page I’m sure it’s feeling appreciated and valued and that it will bring all those qualities to his new home.


The extraordinary in an ordinary environment does not always shine and is often overlooked and under evaluated. Where some people see porn, other eyes will appreciate sensuality, brightness, joy and optimism.

What do you see in Matisse’s art?


6 thoughts on “The treasures we found in our new house!

  1. At first, I had the reaction of your kids, not so much that it’s gross, but that it could be very embarrassing to them and their friends (or even you and your friends, depending on the friends!). But I also write as the owner of a Blue Nude poster in my university days (!! we all thought Matisse was so cool back then), so from an art appreciation standpoint, I think it’s very fun to have such a unique railing. If you can find someone who will truly love it, that would be the best outcome, in my opinion. I’d hate to see it just get trashed.

    P.S. This is NOT what I was expecting in the first post about your new house! haha

    1. Heheheh to be very honest with you it is definitely not the kind of art we aim at exposing in our family house!

      I like of couple of the frames which happens to be the less suggestive; but the rest is not my cup of tea. I do respect the work but there is the art you can admire in a museum for many reasons and the one you want to have at home…
      As I say when explaining why we won’t keep it, we all agree that L’Origine du monde is a masterpiece but do you want it in your living room?
      It’s a great piece of work indeed, the FB post on Matisse group was a hit so I know somewhere it will be much more appreciated and get the admiration and love it deserves.
      I am aiming at keeping the ones in the mezzanine and sell the other 10m actually. We are creating a home that reflects our family tastes so the kids have a big word to say and being half Swiss, we rely on compromise 😉
      Too bad I can’t promote it on the FB group as it is not made for sellers but I would be so happy to receive a PM from this group asking me if I sell :))

  2. Etonnant. Chacun ses goûts bien sûr, mais je crois sage d’en garder qqs uns et de vendre le reste. Sur E-Bay, il doit sûrement y avoir des amateurs…
    (Perso, j’adore Matisse…)
    Et quand à “l’origine du monde”, le dernier propriétaire avant Orsay était Jacques Lacan, si je ne me trompe. Je me demande s’il l’avait dans son cabinet quand il recevait des patients. 😉
    Quand à la maison, elle semble avoir beaucoup d’espace intérieur. 👍🏻

    1. “Etonnant” est une jolie facon de le voir. J’avoue avoir utilisé le meme mot devant l’agent immobilier 😛
      Il y en a 3 que je trouve soft et qui seraient bien dans le jardin, avec des fleurs tout autour. Mais pas dans la maison, nous sommes tous trop conventionnels j’avoue.
      Merci pour l’idee, je viens de la poster sur ebay et je vais me lancer dans l’exploration de ce marché potentiel.. Figure toi que Cornette de St Cyr avait fait une vente aux encheres des objets divers et varies d’un musee de l’erotisme parisien. Et figure toi que ses ventes avaient explosé toutes ses attentes, devine un peu qui etaient les plus gros acheteurs ?

      1. Lesa gents immobiliers ont certainement tout vu.
        Bonne chance sur E-Bay. Cornette de Saitn-Cyr? C T un grand maître à Drouot ce me semble? (ESt-il encore vivant?)
        Le jardin me paraît une bonne idée.
        Les acheteurs? Toute l’école Lacanienne?

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