“Salamat Bantayan!” the First video postcard of Mr Attila Jr, 4 yo!

Fellow travelers and expats, have you too experienced this strange feeling when you are leaving a place? Leaving the great friends behind, those streets that are now so familiar .. Leaving reminds us what we can be part with and what we can’t. Filipinos have been very kind to our family. Never before had we met such friendly and smily people. For a Parisian like … Continue reading “Salamat Bantayan!” the First video postcard of Mr Attila Jr, 4 yo!

Would you fish sea horses?

We reached Madridejos in the wee hours, when fishermen unload their fresh catches on the beach. The giant blue crabs and obese squids got the kids full attention for a good 5 minutes, until they discovered The Bucket. At first I really thought they were toys. I had never seen let alone touch a sea horse before. The bucket was filled with hundreds of color mixed candies, shining … Continue reading Would you fish sea horses?

Summer School in Bantayan

It is summer break in our side of the world, so hot that the only options are to live it like a Pinoy: wandering in airconed malls or run away to the nearest beach. Lucky us, we can escape roasting Cebu (40 degrees today!) and retreat in Bantayan for another 2 weeks. Here is a glimpse of our life here, in case you want to join … Continue reading Summer School in Bantayan

This strong desire to travel and explore

Behind me is infinite power Before me is endless possibility Around me is boundless opportunity Graduation is over, we are finally out of the husle and bustle of dusty Cebu ! Last month in the Philippines before we move to new adventures .. Among the places we ve visited and loved most, BAntayan stands number 1. Here is a little preview of the album I am cooking … Continue reading This strong desire to travel and explore

Repurposing on the road, Filipino Style

Spend some times in the Philippines and you’ll very soon realise that the sky is the limit when it comes to make the best with what you have. Creativity doesn’t need money to express itself at best. Your motorbike is too small to fit 6 passengers? Take a basket ball to make an additional seat! Wish you could fit 4 more kids on your bike? Here … Continue reading Repurposing on the road, Filipino Style

Home schooling kind of morning

Since their Dad’s office has been moved to Bantayan island (6 hours away from us), we try to visit him every couple of months. The Attilas’ school has been very understanding, giving us all the homework we would need so the kids won’t feel left behind when they’ll resume school. Mornings are the best times to go out and explore, so we have our special … Continue reading Home schooling kind of morning