7 years of reflection, 2 beautiful kids, living together in 5 countries and finally… He proposed ! (who said Swiss were very slow people?) You might have thought we had been married already, because I always introduce Mr Attila Sr as my husband. I tried “partner” but too many people thought I was gay. And honestly, calling him my “boyfriend” at 44 sounded too tacky. … Continue reading HELP! I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!

Chuuut… Parisian walls have ears!

Paris is a bliss for street artists. Look up, look side ways, even on the roads sometimes.. As we are talking Face today, here is one of my favorite: This ear is signed by Urban Solid, a duo of Italian artists pretty famous in the The Street Art’s third dimension. Even though they are exhibiting in famous International galleries, most of their masterpieces are for free and anyone … Continue reading Chuuut… Parisian walls have ears!

Mundane Monday: Come rain ..

.. Or come shine, Paris is always a good idea! Holidays are over, we landed in Cebu last Friday. I am going through our pictures, and as the temperature here reaches 92F, I recall how Paris welcomed us, full spring swing, with its famous April showers (we actually call them March ones). I love the rain – with a bit of sun . Because you know it won’t … Continue reading Mundane Monday: Come rain ..

Unplugged in France and Switzerland

  We are traveling, hugging, kissing, eating, drinking, laughing,dancing,joking, exploring, discovering, sleeping, listening, admiring, contemplating, announcing, planning and sipping more champagne and espresso … Until we come back from our annual familial vacations in France and Switzerland, you won’t read much from me. In our “modern” world of instant gratifications and quick fixes, I have decided to play it like a rebel : I won’t update my blog before … Continue reading Unplugged in France and Switzerland

Why would a French lady ever want to be Asian?!

  Tomorrow, we are flying back home: the City of Lights, the  land of gastronomy, the paradise of wine connaisseurs and literature passionated. My beloved Paris, here we come! Actually we are going to MY home. My children are born and raised in Asia and know Thailand and the Philippines far better than France. Sushi, pad thai, pancit and even kimchi are much more often on … Continue reading Why would a French lady ever want to be Asian?!

“If you want to live a happy life …

  …Tie it to a goal, not to people or objects”. A. Einstein I came across this quote the other day and it got me thinking : Our contract in the Philippines ends in December, and when I wonder “where next?”, I have a hard time tying the answer to  a goal. I consider what would be good to our family – a safe place for … Continue reading “If you want to live a happy life …

Calories don’t count on the Week end (especially at Ladurée)

I am kinda back in Cebu. I mean, my body has landed, for sure. But my mind is still somewhere in a paradisiac Parisian little shop. All week long, as I was painfully chewing this infamous Jewish bread that tastes like cardboard (matzo anyone?), I only had one name in head (and in stomach!): Ladurée. Like Tiffany’s, Ladurée does not need any definition. You don’t eat a basic macaron there. You … Continue reading Calories don’t count on the Week end (especially at Ladurée)