Forget about Plans!

Sometimes all we need is to breath. Trust. Let go and see what happens.   Planners of the world, I admire you. I am so bad at planning. I love setting directions though, direct the sail along the way. That’s how I feel the more creative, the more in tune with myself, my intuition. It forces me to open my eyes and my heart to … Continue reading Forget about Plans!

Read the Word

To read the World ! Reading English is very easy compared to French. One basically pronounces all the letters, hardly no double consonant .. In French, we like decorate the alphabet, especially the letter e with a bunch of accents so it looks like è é ê ë .. My kids speak French at home but English outside and they obviously learn how to read in Shakespeare’s … Continue reading Read the Word

Pit Senior ! Welcome to Sinulog!

Another great thing Filipinos do better: Parties! Heart thumping drums and trumpets, breath taking parades, bright an colourful costumes and massive heat : welcome to Sinulog, the most awaited Cebuano grand street parade ! A bit of history (thanks Wikipedia): On April 15, 1521, the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived and planted the cross on the shores of Cebu, claiming the territory for Spain. He presented the image … Continue reading Pit Senior ! Welcome to Sinulog!

“If you want to live a happy life …

  …Tie it to a goal, not to people or objects”. A. Einstein I came across this quote the other day and it got me thinking : Our contract in the Philippines ends in December, and when I wonder “where next?”, I have a hard time tying the answer to  a goal. I consider what would be good to our family – a safe place for … Continue reading “If you want to live a happy life …

4 reasons NOT to spend Christmas in the Philippines

For a French/Swiss family like ours, Christmas is comes in white, with cookies and creamy chocolate. Christmas means building snowmen with cousins. It means a lot. But this year we decided to sacrifice to the tradition and we stayed on the little island of Bantayan. Tickets to Europe are too expensive at this time of year, so we had to stay in the Philippines, and my … Continue reading 4 reasons NOT to spend Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas overload! 2 ways to make it REAL this year

Christmas overload! In the Philippines, we have been enduring for Santa for the last 6 months, everlasting Christmas carols played to the loudest possible volume  everywhere – karaoke, taxis, malls, sari sari .. I took the kids to dozens of Christmas shows rehearsals and I know by heart all their songs! I had to buy the Santa clothes, the Santa’s hats. The old man is a rock star … Continue reading Christmas overload! 2 ways to make it REAL this year