My Delicious new prop for the Kids Yoga

Try to read this without mouth watering: “Cédric Grolet is known for his striking trompe l’oeil creations. What looks like a fig or lemon is actually an impossibly thin shell of lacquered white chocolate, which cracks open to reveal layers of fluffy ganache and spiced fruit”. This is how it all started. I had never paid much attention to the pastries we are very occasionally … Continue reading My Delicious new prop for the Kids Yoga

Peace in practice (Hanoian version)

End of the year school celebrations, farewells, packing, planning, teaching, speeding, booking, organising  .. Sometimes when I have slightly too much on my plate, I am practicing mindfulness by wandering in town. Hanoi has all the answers for who is ready to listen. “Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be … Continue reading Peace in practice (Hanoian version)

The power of a Compliment

I like to conclude my yoga classes on an inspiring reading or a quote. Yesterday, I chose Thich Naht Hanh words on Empathy. Not the best idea of the week. The reading did not really do the trick with my SAHM students. A friend of mine, usually pretty shy, asked “how about compassion for ourselves? So exhausting to constantly practice empathy. We embody empathy, for … Continue reading The power of a Compliment

Grannies do it better, especially au pair !

When I first met Steffy, I had to ask her twice about her job. Although her English is perfect, I thought she couldn’t pronounce “nanny” correctly as she kept on saying “No, it is GRAN-NY. I am a granny au pair”. To my knowledge, au pair were only young students, sometimes hardly older than the kids they were supposed to look after. Seems that I … Continue reading Grannies do it better, especially au pair !

Mundane Monday: The only way is up

I was wondering if my projects were on the right path when my eyes met this special ladder. As I leaned closer, I could hear it whispering  ” keep on working with intention and attention. the only way is up“. In response to Mundane Monday Challenge, a very inspiring way to start the week by exercising our eyes to become more mindful. Wishing you all … Continue reading Mundane Monday: The only way is up

Tested: Make up workshop in Cebu

The most beautiful make up for a woman is passion! But, cosmetics are easier to buy” – Yves Saint Laurent And they can do the trick: No wonder so many men have trust issue .. blame it on the make up! But honestly, SAHM peeps, who hasn’t dreamed of mastering the magic tips and tricks that would make us look as if had slept 9h straight … Continue reading Tested: Make up workshop in Cebu