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L’obsession de l’authenticité: To be or not to be?

“Be real, be you, be authentic“, “Stay true, stay authentic” “Be authentic, create your own story“ combien de posts LinkedIn devons nous encore subir pour capituler et être enfin nous même? Belle rhétorique! Mais lorsque j’explique à ma conseillère emploi que je postule à un poste de responsable de partenariats sociaux dans une belle fondation européenne, son avis est un ordre : « Efface tout de suite … Continue reading L’obsession de l’authenticité: To be or not to be?

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New Year Resolutions revisited

Yang and Yin I love resolutions! It’s all about planning, achieving, sweating to finally become the best version of ourselves. It’s firmness, determination, action. We are reaching out of our comfort zone and it feels great (especially if we manage to achieve one!) It’s all Yang energy: it’s active, invigorating and exciting. Yet, we can’t always be Yang. Life itself is a balance between action … Continue reading New Year Resolutions revisited

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Day 21: wear your favorite outfit today

Those are my favorite shoes ever, Ferragamo Suede Stilettos: Red, feminine, Italian of course. Yet they have spent so many years in the darkness of my closets – blame it on our years in Asia: Vietnamese and Filipino sidewalks are definitely not made for heels so I wore Nike instead, swapping style for comfort. I couldn’t even wear them for diners at friends: in Asia … Continue reading Day 21: wear your favorite outfit today

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Day 14: list 5 things that are great about yourself (nothing physical )

1. I want to believe I m a good friend (as all my friends are !)2. I am always eager to try and learn something new . And share it. And have more curious and passionated people in my team 🙂3. I am a blessed and proud Mum and I have an awesome family4. I am always ready to set up an apéro at home … Continue reading Day 14: list 5 things that are great about yourself (nothing physical )

Happiest New Year ! Vision Board Time !

“The most reliable way to create the future is to write it“ This is my New Year exciting ritual. I collect my favorite pictures, stickers and quotes. A rainbow of crayons are laying in front of me, with scissors, glue and pinches of glitters. Orange essential oils are slowly burning in the background and depending on the mood, I’d listen to classical music or something … Continue reading Happiest New Year ! Vision Board Time !

My 2 cents on Bikram doc on Netflix

Fascinating. The documentary hooked me right from the start. We all know (at least in the yoga community) the man and his inheritage.  26 poses and two breathing exercises performed in the same order every class for exactly 90 minutes in a heated room. So hot that most practionners would practice in bikini. The documentary is all about the fall of his empire after he’s … Continue reading My 2 cents on Bikram doc on Netflix

Farewell Supermamijo !

“One generation plants the trees, the next gets the shade”. Thanks Mamyjo, my beloved grandma, for your inspiring life! You led your family like a boss, working non stop so your children, grand children and grand grand children can have the best education and be as strong and ambitious as you’ve always been. Thanks for planting the seeds of love, pride and strength in my … Continue reading Farewell Supermamijo !