Victory over #ParisAttacks

This week Photo Challenge is Victory : forget the sad times. It’s all about revelling a win. Because I know that our values will prevail. Because I am so proud of the resilience of my fellow Parisians, to see them back in terraces, standing for our values and our love of life. Victory is reconnecting with our true spirits.     Continue reading Victory over #ParisAttacks

#ParisAttacks : 5 messages to my Facebook “friends”

Unless you are living under a (huge) rock, you must all know by now about the terrible terrorists attacks on Paris last Friday. I have spent the last decade working in war affected countries and Paris has always been my shelter, my little paradise where I could recharge my batteries with love and beauty. I feel deeply hurt and shocked. But I don’t hate anyone, I … Continue reading #ParisAttacks : 5 messages to my Facebook “friends”

Calories don’t count on the Week end (especially at Ladurée)

I am kinda back in Cebu. I mean, my body has landed, for sure. But my mind is still somewhere in a paradisiac Parisian little shop. All week long, as I was painfully chewing this infamous Jewish bread that tastes like cardboard (matzo anyone?), I only had one name in head (and in stomach!): Ladurée. Like Tiffany’s, Ladurée does not need any definition. You don’t eat a basic macaron there. You … Continue reading Calories don’t count on the Week end (especially at Ladurée)

The French word of the day: “Parisienne”

As you’ve been great students for the last couple of weeks, we can introduce an expression. ” (un) je ne sais quoi” refers to something that can not be described or named easily. Something like a personal touch. The famous French touch, for instance 😉 To me, Paris has this “je ne sais quoi” that pays a tribute to The Woman, or more specifically the Parisian … Continue reading The French word of the day: “Parisienne”