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Day 9: Meditate

Meditation.. Each time I start teaching this topic, I have the usual reactions. The “I hear you sister”: they are in the VIP group, they practice, they know. The “Eyebrow raisers”: they are expecting the Guru stuff and hope it won’t last long. The “Nervous”: they are dreading this moment because they “just can’t meditate, really can’t” So let me explain why I meditate. No … Continue reading Day 9: Meditate

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Day 7: No complaining Day

There is almost a contradiction between ” French” and “no complaining”. We French do complain. All the time. About anything and everything. It’s in our DNA, as striking is a Nation Sport for us. It’s not a bad thing: Our brain (and yours!) constantly thinks negative thoughts about the future and has a negative bias. The bias and discernment developed in the primal era because it … Continue reading Day 7: No complaining Day

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Bravo moi même pour la validation de mes acquis de 2021: “Agent du Changement!”

Dans cette période de voeux de réussite et d’auto-congratulation typiquement Likedinienne, je me suis comme d’abord demandée si j’avais légitimement ma place dans la Grande Galerie des portraits de “Winners” et autres “Achievers”. Jusqu’à ce que l’INSEAD – l’une des plus prestigieuses ecoles de commerce du mode!- me regarde droit dans l’écran et me confirme que moi aussi, je pouvais ajouter “Agent du Changement” à … Continue reading Bravo moi même pour la validation de mes acquis de 2021: “Agent du Changement!”

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The (radical) 3 ingredient diet we all need those days!

How are you feeling those days? Do you have the freedom to wander in town in eat in restaurants or not just yet? Are you in a homeschooling mode, with no idea of what next month will look like? How are you coping with the current situation? In those times of uncertainty, I have realised that I need discipline and routine to make me feel … Continue reading The (radical) 3 ingredient diet we all need those days!

Discover prompts, day 8: Curve

In those confinment days, we still have the luxury to order from our favorite Chocolatier in Vietnam, Maison Marou. The delivery came with a lovely note on a complimentary chocolate bar. Some people might see upcoming curves. The only ones that matter to me are the big ones that appeared on my kids’ faces when they opened the boxes with their “special gouter”. Bon Appetit … Continue reading Discover prompts, day 8: Curve

Gentle reminder ❤️

Sometimes all we need is a change of perspective 💜 From today midnight, Hanoi will be locked down for at least 2 weeks. We too will be staying home “for the love of the Nation“. We are allowed to get out  but only with 1 person. Social distancing is 2 meters. The poster says we need to “report coughing to the health authorities. Report fake … Continue reading Gentle reminder ❤️

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We are in a retreat together

“In a pandemic, self-isolation is called quarantine. In Buddhism, it is called retreat. From the cave of our home, like the meditators of ancient times, we can consciously kindle the lamp of compassion and connection.” ~ Lama Willa Miller ***** I will post erratically, each time I stumble upon a picture or a quote that warms my heart. So we can share the positives vibes … Continue reading We are in a retreat together