Unplugged in France and Switzerland

  We are traveling, hugging, kissing, eating, drinking, laughing,dancing,joking, exploring, discovering, sleeping, listening, admiring, contemplating, announcing, planning and sipping more champagne and espresso … Until we come back from our annual familial vacations in France and Switzerland, you won’t read much from me. In our “modern” world of instant gratifications and quick fixes, I have decided to play it like a rebel : I won’t update my blog before … Continue reading Unplugged in France and Switzerland

The French word of the day: raclette

When you spent your day like this: When you are finally turning into this: Then you know it is definitely, totally, absolutely, time for THIS: La Raclette is the simplest yet the most delicious meal ever after a day skying (then you really need your calories back): it is just made of melted cheese on boiled potatoes, with pickles, onions ..  Swiss usually have it … Continue reading The French word of the day: raclette