Our family is getting bigger !

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet with Linh, the beautiful new addition to our family! Our Vietnamese friend is 9 year old and we got officially introduced last Monday. We met at her school, in Hanoi, together with representatives from the French NGO Coup de Pouce and the head of her school. The precious kid was a bit shy, but also very proud to tell me about … Continue reading Our family is getting bigger !

Peace in practice (Hanoian version)

End of the year school celebrations, farewells, packing, planning, teaching, speeding, booking, organising  .. Sometimes when I have slightly too much on my plate, I am practicing mindfulness by wandering in town. Hanoi has all the answers for who is ready to listen. “Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be … Continue reading Peace in practice (Hanoian version)

Our first year in Hanoi: 3 tips for new expat families

It’s already been a year since our little family of 4 has settled in Hanoi. Yes, we are totally melting in summer, freezing in winter and we do wear the  usual anti pollution masks far too often. But we played it like Vietnamese scooter drivers. We connected to the energy of the vibrant city and kept on moving. There is so much to explore here, … Continue reading Our first year in Hanoi: 3 tips for new expat families

Unlikely to be found in Europe

You know you are in Asia … I could use one .. but only as an extra layer of protection when traveling on the Grab moto on the bumpy Vietnamese roads. I can’t imagine how uncomfy it must be to wear a fake but with 35 C outside and 90% of humidity. Lucky us Frenchies we come well equipped 🙂 In response to WPC on … Continue reading Unlikely to be found in Europe

Family haven: escaping Hanoi pollution in Ninh Binh

I woke up with a very heavy headache. When I opened the windows, the sky was dirty white, and I couldn’t even fanthom further than a few hundreds meters away. The Air Quality Index said “very unhealthy” a health alert signifying that everyone may experience serious health effects. My 7 years old was feeling deezy and nauseous and my 5 years old son was caughing … Continue reading Family haven: escaping Hanoi pollution in Ninh Binh

You know it is THAT hot

When the layers are adding and adding .. You’ll easily distinguish the tourist, usually half naked, while locals as usual know better when it comes to protect their skins from the sun – we are in Asia: white is the only beautiful skin colour! Add gloves, long socks, helmet (or should I say plastic bucket) and the must have anti pollution mask. I can’t help … Continue reading You know it is THAT hot