Hugh’s WPC: Vintage

Do you remember those pre internet times? When we actually wrote with proper pens and those kind of typewriters were not SO vintage? At the time of its launching in the early 30s, the ads read that this machine “creates a desirable atmosphere of modern-ness which is stimulating to employee and attractive to customer. Then too, exterior appearance is very often an index of built-in quality“. … Continue reading Hugh’s WPC: Vintage

Seoul: let your toddlers be your guides!

Patches of gold, chestnut, red everywhere .. 25 degrees and a spotless blue sky. No humidity in the air.. Close your eyes, spread your arms to the perfect October breeze. You re not in heaven yet, only in Seoul 🙂 We had done the relaxing Girly part of the trip. Now, time to pull out the sleeves, wear the running shoes, and get the Cardio … Continue reading Seoul: let your toddlers be your guides!