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Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year! (this time for real)

An unusual Tet The Lunar New Year is the most important celebration in Vietnam. Cities turns red and gold, streets are packed with shoppers and the air is filled with joy and excitement. For a week, Vietnamese will express their respects for ancestors as well as welcoming the New Year with family members. It always feels like Hanoi is suddenly depleted of all its vibrant … Continue reading Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year! (this time for real)

In the meanwhile in Hanoi …

How I feel each time I get the email that work is yet again postponed ! We are all waiting for the Government to announce whether the schools will remain closed for a week or more. So far it’s all being manageable because the pollution was not too dramatic. I could take the kids for a bike ride 1h a day with the masks, in … Continue reading In the meanwhile in Hanoi …

Family escape in Chiang Mai: 6 must do (2/2)

Not all classrooms have 4 walls and your teachers can wear many different kind of uniforms…   Chiang Mai this week was the best place to learn philosophy, music, science and sport. Learning philosophy with Buddhist monks This was probably the highlight of our stay in Chiang Mai. The chance to exchange with monks and learn about their culture and their way of life. At … Continue reading Family escape in Chiang Mai: 6 must do (2/2)

Creating a happy corner !

Over the last decade, we have been living in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines and now in Vietnam. Most of cities we lived in where so much more polluted, noisier, hotter than our home in Europe. There were times it took lots of energy to adapt to new environments. We always have choice: either we keep on complaining and end up depressing. Or wecreate … Continue reading Creating a happy corner !

Cheers to new (Vietnamese) beginnings!

Au revoir la France! And Merci for our beautiful wedding. For the endless tears well in my eyes with the stirring of overwhelming love! My family are my roots, I am so found of them all, would we be connected by blood or heart. And they were all here, to start with my bunch of crazy siblings I love more than they ll ever know. … Continue reading Cheers to new (Vietnamese) beginnings!

“Salamat Bantayan!” the First video postcard of Mr Attila Jr, 4 yo!

Fellow travelers and expats, have you too experienced this strange feeling when you are leaving a place? Leaving the great friends behind, those streets that are now so familiar .. Leaving reminds us what we can be part with and what we can’t. Filipinos have been very kind to our family. Never before had we met such friendly and smily people. For a Parisian like … Continue reading “Salamat Bantayan!” the First video postcard of Mr Attila Jr, 4 yo!

On the move again, guess where ..

The suspense is finally over! We know where we’ll unpack our luggages .. Europe ?.. I was totally into moving back to the old continent, first of all to be closer to the family. Second to dwell into the seasons I’ve been missing so much for the last decade. And eventually because I am craving for French food. My body can not deal with an additional … Continue reading On the move again, guess where ..

Top family vacations in Asia: 5 days in Taipei

After 3 years in the Philippines, I have to admit it: Blue skies and white sandy beaches don’t get me high. I am definitely a city girl, the vibes of the capital are the most creative to me. I am craving for the intellectual stimulation and this unique feeling of solitude in the multitude. Add a forest nearby and I will feel totally at home. … Continue reading Top family vacations in Asia: 5 days in Taipei

Especially for you!

2017, we are ready! Our jeepney is all set for new exciting adventures, and we have enough seats for you all. The program includes traveling at least on 2 continents by air, sea and road, learning new skills, choosing healthy food, activities and people and always remember that LoVE is a verb. So we’ll top it all with countless laughs and big warm hugs. Looking forward … Continue reading Especially for you!