Good morning Sunshine!

[kuh–nek-tid]  adjective 1. united, joined, or linked. 2. having a connection. 3. joined together in sequence; linked coherently: connected ideas. 4. related by family ties. 5. having social or professional relationships, especially with influential or powerful persons. 6. Mathematics. pertaining to a set for which no cover exists, consisting of two open sets whose intersections with the given set are disjoint and nonempty. Continue reading Good morning Sunshine!

“Where there’s color, there is life”

Said Andrew when I complimented him about the stunning colors of his blog. Beauty is everywhere, but it takes a real gifted artist to really see it and moreover to share it. When you find one, you want to introduce him to all your friends, to spread the love. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet with Andrew Seal. Visit the Changing Palette (click on the pic), but also … Continue reading “Where there’s color, there is life”

Reblog Wednesday: Lo, The Sun Walks North

Originally posted on dunelight:
Lo, The Sun Walks North “Over the back of the Florida basker, over the froth of the Firth of Forth, Up from Tahiti and Madagascar, Lo, the sun walks north.” These brilliant lines are from a marvelous poem called Greeting to Spring (Not Without Trepidation) by Robert Lax Read the whole thing and buy it here: The sun is marching… Continue reading Reblog Wednesday: Lo, The Sun Walks North