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Day 15: breathe deeply and with intention for 5 mn

A little throwback to our Vietnamese years, when my daughter was joining my yoga practice in the studio too. The Iyengar teacher, Willie, would know exactly how to inspire her, pushing her when she felt she could and respecting the times when my daughter was not in the mood for challenges. She made lots of progresses, thanks to the special bound she had created with … Continue reading Day 15: breathe deeply and with intention for 5 mn

How do you say Greta in Vietnamese?

The new riches in town are selling air imported from Canada, Norway and Switzerland. You can buy your life saving kit on Facebook obviously and in almost every Embassy and International hospital. If only! The situation in Hanoi is getting worse by the week. This morning the AQI was on “dangereux” meaning “hazardous”. Everyone may experience serious health effect and we should all avoir being … Continue reading How do you say Greta in Vietnamese?

Creating a happy corner !

Over the last decade, we have been living in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines and now in Vietnam. Most of cities we lived in where so much more polluted, noisier, hotter than our home in Europe. There were times it took lots of energy to adapt to new environments. We always have choice: either we keep on complaining and end up depressing. Or wecreate … Continue reading Creating a happy corner !

Look Up, Breath, Relax and Let Go!

Do you recognise this walking man ? The “autopilot mode” walk, the stiff neck and the pain in the shoulders from all those hours on his laptop and anxiously checking his messages on his phone?.. If you could zoom in, you would probably see a deep frown line between his eyes. Sounds familiar? Look at the paintings of Gainsbourg and Dylan. Don’t you feel they are staring … Continue reading Look Up, Breath, Relax and Let Go!

(kinda) Mindful Monday: My Buddha said Tokyo!

When in doubt, Buddhism encourages us to question our perspective on our current situation. Can we shift it or enlarge it?are there any positive angles? We should practise bringing our attention to our breath through our day as a way to focus on the present moment. That’s what I should be doing. But I am still far too restless to stay really still for more than … Continue reading (kinda) Mindful Monday: My Buddha said Tokyo!

The French word of the day: Suisse

After a year of streets full of people, boiling with cars and loud music, no word could express how I had longed for calm and fresh air. Switzerland (Suisse) is my long awaited oasis. And here we are: as I wandered in Thun yesterday and sleighed in Grinderwald today, I felt my lungs inflate with the breathtaking scenery. Take a Breath, look up to the mountains, feel the sun perfuming … Continue reading The French word of the day: Suisse