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Day 22: try a low impact sport

Did you know that in winter, we should practice slow sports? Activities should represent the season with a turn inwards, with more self-reflection, quiet time writing, meditating, reading and other soul-nourishing activities. Winter is a time to slow down and feed ourselves both physically and spiritually. Internal martial arts and meditative practices are particularly helpful at this time of year. There are wonderful ways to … Continue reading Day 22: try a low impact sport

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Day 9: Meditate

Meditation.. Each time I start teaching this topic, I have the usual reactions. The “I hear you sister”: they are in the VIP group, they practice, they know. The “Eyebrow raisers”: they are expecting the Guru stuff and hope it won’t last long. The “Nervous”: they are dreading this moment because they “just can’t meditate, really can’t” So let me explain why I meditate. No … Continue reading Day 9: Meditate

Peace in practice (Hanoian version)

End of the year school celebrations, farewells, packing, planning, teaching, speeding, booking, organising  .. Sometimes when I have slightly too much on my plate, I am practicing mindfulness by wandering in town. Hanoi has all the answers for who is ready to listen. “Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be … Continue reading Peace in practice (Hanoian version)

Mindfulness made simple

Cruising in the bluest seas of the Philippines in the early hours of the morning is a tribute to calm, peace and mindfulness.  One of those precious times that naturally takes all your awareness on the present moment and makes your heart smile. As you think to yourself.. What a wonderful world… In response to the  Weekly Photo Challenge on Monochromatic Continue reading Mindfulness made simple

Here is to beat the Monday Blues

Best way to start the week: learning while having fun ! In other words, join Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge. The topic of the week is Number 1 (or 1 item). I combined it with the topic of last week, Perspective (Unusual angle or point of view). The rainy season is looming, the beach is finally totally deserted… How about a Coconut or a Mango juice to start … Continue reading Here is to beat the Monday Blues