How I am surviving the “Not Complaining Challenge”

I had decided to celebrate “Bastille Day” in the most unusual and challenging way. At least for a Parisian:   Then my computer crashed. In the Cebu, it means waiting for 2 months to finally get a new Mac. Unless you go for the very expensive one .. 8 weeks without a computer!!! I can’t even figure it out.  Then internet went down at home. … Continue reading How I am surviving the “Not Complaining Challenge”


Imagine that English is your second language. Your grammar and syntax are not good, but you at least you give yourself some time to view, review and triple check your posts before imposing them to your friends. And one day, out of the blue, one of your top favorite blogger challenges you to a  “Free Writing Challenge”. The instructions are terrible: writing for 10min, non stop and, as … Continue reading Dreaming