Sisterhood pride

I so wish I were in a big town yesterday, in Washington, NYC, Philadelphia, Paris, Barcelona, London or Berlin, marching with all those beautiful people! Standing peacefully yet so strongly for our values and our basic rights. There was no such thing as colour, race, religion .. It was about gathering strong in the name of tolerance and respect. I have been scrolling Twitter for hours, feeling stronger and more … Continue reading Sisterhood pride

It’s all about perspective

It’s been raining cats and dogs on our Filipino island for over 2 weeks now. School have even been canceled, traffic is so insane that no taxi would dare coming all the way up to our little town in the hills. On top of that ,the president cut all network signals for the last 2 days to prevent any security threat for Sinulog.. That’s what … Continue reading It’s all about perspective

Education: 3 inspiring practices to steal from the Japanese

  Would you let your 6 year old kid travel all alone in the largest city of your country? If you had the time, the money and even the car, would you still have the heart to let your most precious belonging spend hours commuting in subways, buses and cross the streets all by herself? Japanese parents do!!! When I told a Japanese friend about … Continue reading Education: 3 inspiring practices to steal from the Japanese

A sweet walk down “Natsukashii” lane

I am in love with writers. They fascinate me. They re the ultimate hermaphrodites, totally self sufficient in their procreation. No wonder most of them are a bit twisted, there is so much inside of them. I’ll never become one. I am too attached to my little sanity. I admire writers because they talk to my heart, to my deep feelings, to my subconsciente. Each time I start … Continue reading A sweet walk down “Natsukashii” lane

My ” Madeleine de Proust” is made of Chocolate…

My “Madeleine” is called Pain au chocolat. Its melting chocolate, its crustiness, the delicacy of its feuilleté there is nothing above it. Our love story goes far beyond the mouthwatering experience and lasts far after the ultimate crumb. Tasting a pain au chocolat flies me back to kindergarden; The only way for my Mum to get me out of there would be to point at the bakery. … Continue reading My ” Madeleine de Proust” is made of Chocolate…