I missed you !

It’s been so long! I can’t believe we haven’t even “liked” each other for so many months. I eyed you on IG sometimes though, but I haven’t been consistent at keeping in touch. It’s been a year of beginnings, renewals, discoveries, and I am eager to share them with you. Red wine or champagne? Egg Coffee with a macha scone? or a goo’ ol’ Coffee … Continue reading I missed you !

Why I loved visiting Hanoi with local kids

08AM. My Attilas are in school; Hubby at work. For a split second, I am experiencing that awkward moment when I am not sure if I actually have free time or if I am just forgetting everything. Just in case, I am running out of the house. With a local kid this time … The specificity of Hanoi Kids Hanoikids is a volunteer organization. You … Continue reading Why I loved visiting Hanoi with local kids

Hugh’s WPC: Vintage

Do you remember those pre internet times? When we actually wrote with proper pens and those kind of typewriters were not SO vintage? At the time of its launching in the early 30s, the ads read that this machine “creates a desirable atmosphere of modern-ness which is stimulating to employee and attractive to customer. Then too, exterior appearance is very often an index of built-in quality“. … Continue reading Hugh’s WPC: Vintage

My kind of Little helper : Coffee !

This Week like: keeping the Attilas under basic control while they’ll be performing on stage 3 times this week before hundreds of people, figuring some kind  Xmas diner, wrapping, packing.. If only exercising patience burned calories, I would proudly pose in bikini on our next Xmas cards . But first things first : Coffee please! espresso doppio, to start with!   Looking for a very unique … Continue reading My kind of Little helper : Coffee !

Inspiring Monday: there are such wonders in a half empty cup..

What’s your first reaction when you spill your coffee over your table? Are you mad at the mess or smiling at the chance to let creativity and beauty get a hold on you? Just like this incredibly inspiring artist Giulia Bernardelli … I recently discovered her stunning masterpieces on Instagram, and like every time I find something beautifully inspiring, I must share it with the whole … Continue reading Inspiring Monday: there are such wonders in a half empty cup..

From the most pragmatic guy in town

Cebu has been inundated with Korean cafes. The decoration is simplistic: write whatever you want on a post it and leave your (almost) eternal print on a wall. When the post are not invitations to follow another stranger on IG, Facebook and twitter, they are the cheesiest love quotes and declarations. One guy finally got it right. Back to basics: Wishing you all a happy week … Continue reading From the most pragmatic guy in town


Big thanks to Kate of the yummiest Food Blog for the Love/Hate tag! The rules are simple enough: share 10 things we love and 10 we hate and nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same. I love the idea of brainstorming on 10 things I love.. Did you notice that when you are thinking of something positive, that makes you smile, you re instantaneously in … Continue reading LOVE/haTe

In the mood for a quiet (start of the) day

Le “Flore” is my favorite café in Paris. It used to be my refuge from the rest of the world when I was studying political sciences a street away, some years ago. It is still my little oasis when I visit the French capital. I have to stop there, even just an hour, or else my French trip would not be complete. Like all my favorite places … Continue reading In the mood for a quiet (start of the) day