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Lockdown is over in Hanoi ! A note to my fellow Frenchies

  To celebrate our 11th week of e-learning, the Government announced that the lockdown was finally over in Hanoi. We are beyond thankful to the Government for his management of Covid19. Our expat family has always feel safer in Vietnam than back home, because we knew there would be no discussion of the Government decisions. Collective interest always primes over the individual. People are not … Continue reading Lockdown is over in Hanoi ! A note to my fellow Frenchies

Discover prompts, day 8: Curve

In those confinment days, we still have the luxury to order from our favorite Chocolatier in Vietnam, Maison Marou. The delivery came with a lovely note on a complimentary chocolate bar. Some people might see upcoming curves. The only ones that matter to me are the big ones that appeared on my kids’ faces when they opened the boxes with their “special gouter”. Bon Appetit … Continue reading Discover prompts, day 8: Curve

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“It’s OK not to be OK”

“It’s okay not to be okay. We can take time to grieve what once was— the way you leisurely strolled to work in the morning, the coffee from the place up the street, having an easy shift, the always-there supply of toilet tissue in the cupboard, being able to hug your grandmother without fear, walking through a grocery store and getting everything on your list … Continue reading “It’s OK not to be OK”

Gentle reminder ❤️

Sometimes all we need is a change of perspective 💜 From today midnight, Hanoi will be locked down for at least 2 weeks. We too will be staying home “for the love of the Nation“. We are allowed to get out  but only with 1 person. Social distancing is 2 meters. The poster says we need to “report coughing to the health authorities. Report fake … Continue reading Gentle reminder ❤️