First Love (Cheesy post!)

Last week, I did a little photo shoot in some schools of Bantayan Island. To break the ice, I asked this little girl if her neighbour was her best friend.. And for some reason, the way she looked at him, the giggles of the classmates and the lovely airs of the little boy, I was under the impression that there was something more there. Or maybe … Continue reading First Love (Cheesy post!)

Valentines: So far, so good!

“Mum, don’t plan anything for me this afternoon, I have a date with David. Remember, it’s Valentine“. My mouth fell open and I felt my heart sink. A D.A.T.E! at 5 years old. How does my little girl even knows the meaning of date? Winnie Pooh has never dated anyone, as far as I know. And Princesses don’t date, they marry directly. At least she added … Continue reading Valentines: So far, so good!

My toddler’s words of wisdom on Father’s Day

My Attilas are down to earth and pragmatic. They take that from their Swiss Dad. They are also pretty confident and to the point. Guess they got that from their French Mum. They were in deep conversation about Fathers’ Day this afternoon, and I just overheard the conclusion drawn by my son. I must admit I admire his lucidity. Out of the mouths of babies and … Continue reading My toddler’s words of wisdom on Father’s Day