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The (radical) 3 ingredient diet we all need those days!

How are you feeling those days? Do you have the freedom to wander in town in eat in restaurants or not just yet? Are you in a homeschooling mode, with no idea of what next month will look like? How are you coping with the current situation? In those times of uncertainty, I have realised that I need discipline and routine to make me feel … Continue reading The (radical) 3 ingredient diet we all need those days!

A “little” pica pica

In the Philippines, pica pica means “something that stimulates your appetite, and makes you want to come back for more“. Like our French apero, but a little more .. energy dense! In the Philippines, there is no such thing as light or modernist cuisine. In the Philippines, people take their food portions very seriously. Families love to gather in restaurants, so the portions are usually big. … Continue reading A “little” pica pica

The secret of my weight loss? living in the Philippines!

Don’t get me wrong: Living in the Philippines is great! awesome people, places, everlasting summer … But there is one thing I ll never get used to, it’s the food! For a vegetarian like me, Filipino food is a nightmare. It’s still very hard to find something without meat, and on top of that, I don’t like rice and I try to avoid any kind … Continue reading The secret of my weight loss? living in the Philippines!

It’s not This Time of Year without ..

in·dulge inˈdəlj/ verb gerund or present participle: indulging  allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of :’we indulged in some hot fudge sundaes” Synonyms: wallow in, give oneself up to, give way to, yield to, abandon oneself to, give free rein to; There is a time for everything and this is Desserts and Chocolates season. The only time of the year when indulging is almost compulsory. Plus … Continue reading It’s not This Time of Year without ..

Optimistic: calories don’t count

On weekends ! Or when you eat your favorite treats with your eyes closed / if you eat off someone’s plate/  if you are in a party / if you are standing up. Someone I totally trust also assures that calories are totally harmless if you are wearing your favorite colour. Cheers to a super sweet week ! In response to Weekly Photo Challenge Optimistic   Continue reading Optimistic: calories don’t count

Roy G. BIV loves candies !

To make sure you all have a sweet week … help yourself! You can also pick some from this post on the French Bonbons. My favorite are the ones on the top right, with honey. Not too sweet, just perfect for a daily use. Under exceptional circumstances, I can’t resist the call of the Haribo “Fraises Tagada” – strawberry flavored gums.. (Exceptional meaning I am in Europe … Continue reading Roy G. BIV loves candies !

Calories don’t count on the Week end (especially at Ladurée)

I am kinda back in Cebu. I mean, my body has landed, for sure. But my mind is still somewhere in a paradisiac Parisian little shop. All week long, as I was painfully chewing this infamous Jewish bread that tastes like cardboard (matzo anyone?), I only had one name in head (and in stomach!): Ladurée. Like Tiffany’s, Ladurée does not need any definition. You don’t eat a basic macaron there. You … Continue reading Calories don’t count on the Week end (especially at Ladurée)