Forget about Plans!

Sometimes all we need is to breath. Trust. Let go and see what happens.   Planners of the world, I admire you. I am so bad at planning. I love setting directions though, direct the sail along the way. That’s how I feel the more creative, the more in tune with myself, my intuition. It forces me to open my eyes and my heart to … Continue reading Forget about Plans!

(kinda) Mindful Monday: My Buddha said Tokyo!

When in doubt, Buddhism encourages us to question our perspective on our current situation. Can we shift it or enlarge it?are there any positive angles? We should practise bringing our attention to our breath through our day as a way to focus on the present moment. That’s what I should be doing. But I am still far too restless to stay really still for more than … Continue reading (kinda) Mindful Monday: My Buddha said Tokyo!

Motherhood or thanks Mum and Gibran for the compas!

Hey, mothers peeps, do you remember when you told the world you were expecting? how people were so excited and happy for you? I bet your Mum was over the moon too.. With a little sarcastic smile you did not notice back then, something subconscious that whispered “welcome on board, Kharma…” I never realised all the doubts, the questionings, the pain I had inflicted to … Continue reading Motherhood or thanks Mum and Gibran for the compas!