A “little” pica pica

In the Philippines, pica pica means “something that stimulates your appetite, and makes you want to come back for more“. Like our French apero, but a little more .. energy dense! In the Philippines, there is no such thing as light or modernist cuisine. In the Philippines, people take their food portions very seriously. Families love to gather in restaurants, so the portions are usually big. … Continue reading A “little” pica pica

The French word of the day: “Pause déjeuner”

I bet our “pause déjeuner “(lunch break) is far longer than yours. Don’t be surprised to read this on shops’ doors, even the busiest and most touristic streets of town. Parisian usually go for lunch by 1ish and forget the time.. to be back around 3. We take lunch pretty seriously and usually pretend we have a business one. Yes, a couple of hours of lunch break, … Continue reading The French word of the day: “Pause déjeuner”