Especially for you!

2017, we are ready! Our jeepney is all set for new exciting adventures, and we have enough seats for you all. The program includes traveling at least on 2 continents by air, sea and road, learning new skills, choosing healthy food, activities and people and always remember that LoVE is a verb. So we’ll top it all with countless laughs and big warm hugs. Looking forward … Continue reading Especially for you!

A (terribly shocking!) moment in time

I have been an expat for the last decade, half of it in Asia. I am quite used to the cultural differences between our continents. Or that’s what I naively thought, before visiting this little Korean supermarket by my home. The shock was immediate! Check what’s written on the Can. It is simply terrible. Not that the maker himself acknowledges that the beverage is “slightly acidic” ( … Continue reading A (terribly shocking!) moment in time

5 ways growing up in the Philippines is ruining my children’s lives

Early January: The compulsory ritual of the screening of the passing year, what we did well and what we could do better. Expatriating your family is a selfish choice: You are dragging your kids in countries they have not chosen, they must make new friends, learn new ways of life. After almost a year in Cebu, I am wondering: Is Philippines a Wise choice for my … Continue reading 5 ways growing up in the Philippines is ruining my children’s lives