Photo101: treasures and close up

Close up on my treasures, Mr and Ms Attila: When you travel to Asia with toddlers, you feel like you are escorting rock stars: anywhere you go, your kids are greeted with “ohhh!!! so cute!!!” “ohhhh, hello handsome, how old are you?”. “ohhh, beautiful long lashes, ohhh skin so white!” All camera flashes on them, every teenager wants their selfie with them. My daughter does not care much … Continue reading Photo101: treasures and close up

Back to school tomorrow !

After 95 days of holidays, the Attilas are finally on their way back to school !!! This year will be a bit special, as Mr Attila senior’s job is taking him out of Cebu, full time. At least it is “only” 6h away from us, so we will adapt and do “flexischooling“: 60% of school, 40% of homeschooling when we’ll visit him. I’ve been tossing with the idea … Continue reading Back to school tomorrow !