The path to a serene journey

Cebu can be very loud, crowded and hot. But it can also be green, calm and incredibly inspiring. Up in the Balamban Mountains, all you breath is fresh air, silence and serenity. West 35 is an eco mountain resort to visit to enjoy a 360 degree view of the Mountains and the seaside of Tsuneishi; and warm up your cold fingers with a green tea… Continue reading The path to a serene journey

“The story is just right here

It just needs a story teller.” Ka Bino Guerrero, Heritage interpretor Even after 7 months, I am still considering myself as new to Cebu. I am trying to get a bit off the beaten track (as long as it is Attilas proof!) but I was missing the tips and advices of local friends. Big Salamat to Cebu Blogging Community for having accepted me in their very welcoming, … Continue reading “The story is just right here