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Day 16: Try a new form of movement

Fondue season is officially open ! It takes special skill to eat fondue: the precise movement of the wrists to make sure the bread is covered in enough cheese and the attention required to not drop your bread in the fondue. Fondue is a typical French/Swiss winter meal. However, Swiss fondue uses either Gruyere or Emmenthal cheese whereas French fondue uses either French Emmenthal or … Continue reading Day 16: Try a new form of movement

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Day 6: Draw your dream house

Have your heard about the power of creative visualisation? It’s as simple as using mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive changes in your life.  As you practice visualizing the future you want, you create that future Be precise, be specific and the more details the best… Visualise We have decided to buy a house in France, where we are currently living. It will be … Continue reading Day 6: Draw your dream house

In the meanwhile in Hanoi …

How I feel each time I get the email that work is yet again postponed ! We are all waiting for the Government to announce whether the schools will remain closed for a week or more. So far it’s all being manageable because the pollution was not too dramatic. I could take the kids for a bike ride 1h a day with the masks, in … Continue reading In the meanwhile in Hanoi …

Family escape in Chiang Mai: 6 must do! (1/2)

Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer Chiang Mai is a 90 mn fly away from Hanoi. In less than 2 hours, you land in another galaxy : Forget about the pollution and the hustle and bustle of the Vietnamese capital and immerse yourself in blue skies, green mountains, golden temples, and feel how your lungs and heart feel happy … Continue reading Family escape in Chiang Mai: 6 must do! (1/2)

Farewell Supermamijo !

“One generation plants the trees, the next gets the shade”. Thanks Mamyjo, my beloved grandma, for your inspiring life! You led your family like a boss, working non stop so your children, grand children and grand grand children can have the best education and be as strong and ambitious as you’ve always been. Thanks for planting the seeds of love, pride and strength in my … Continue reading Farewell Supermamijo !

Our first year in Hanoi: 3 tips for new expat families

It’s already been a year since our little family of 4 has settled in Hanoi. Yes, we are totally melting in summer, freezing in winter and we do wear the  usual anti pollution masks far too often. But we played it like Vietnamese scooter drivers. We connected to the energy of the vibrant city and kept on moving. There is so much to explore here, … Continue reading Our first year in Hanoi: 3 tips for new expat families

Family haven: escaping Hanoi pollution in Ninh Binh

I woke up with a very heavy headache. When I opened the windows, the sky was dirty white, and I couldn’t even fanthom further than a few hundreds meters away. The Air Quality Index said “very unhealthy” a health alert signifying that everyone may experience serious health effects. My 7 years old was feeling deezy and nauseous and my 5 years old son was caughing … Continue reading Family haven: escaping Hanoi pollution in Ninh Binh